Christmas hat versions of themes



The Christmas hats themes have been retired for now.



This year it’s a global change, with no option without.


I see christmas hats beent to the right as well christmas hats bent to the left.

Is this happening at random or an All- calculated indication one’s political flavor? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well on different topics I have hats in different directions. So I guess I’m the true political center. Yup, that’s what must be going on.


It’s every third hat is to the right, and there’s a difference in the tilt on the two left-pointing ones.


Can we have straight and pointing one options (for christmas hat)? :smiley:
Or Santa beard for moderator? :smile:


If someone is willing to provide the images I should probably be able to make it happen.


Oops! I’m not an illustrator or graphic designer.
So, I will just submit something from the web instead.

And also Santa beard for moderator.


Note: this is just an example.


I’m a bit wary of just using random images of the net (if I wasn’t, I’d have no trouble procuring ones myself), so I’ll hold it on that front.


Understood! Just as I say, this is just an example. :grinning: