Christmas hat versions of themes



You may have noticed that we suddenly have doubled the amount of available themes. Because now we have

versions of every theme.

These can all be found in the hamburger menu, or

If you notice any bugs, please tell me, and I will sort them out.

(These themes actually went live yesterday, but my flight started boarding just after I activated it, so I didn’t have the time to write this announcement before today)

Community Digest 02.12

just askin, will we get some Ramadan (Islamic) theme also?


If you can provide the theme, I could install it, but I don’t have the time to create it myself.


I don’t get hats, when clicking through the themes :frowning:


What? What theme are you trying, and where are you looking? Could you provide screenshots?


i got the hats
it’s working for me


I tried every christmas theme and clicked through a few threads, but they all look normal to me without any hats. I’m on a Lumia 930 with windows 10 mobile and edge.


Whoops, I forgot to mention that the theme was originally just for desktop. I have added it to mobile as well for now, and will tweak those numbers to fit.

Edit: numbers tweaked, hats have on desktop been moved up 3% in topics and 2 pixels on the topic lists. On mobile they’ve been moved up 23%


Is it possible that clicking the hat won’t open the profile of the respective person? It’s nothing major, but my goofy fingers went straight to a profile twice instead of liking the post above :upside_down_face:


Not as far as I can tell.


A really nice, festive theme!
But the hats are off centered on the start page… Is that a bug or a feature? :wink:


I’ve moved them 2 pixels farther to the left for the default hat, and 3 pixels to the right on the turned ones. For me that fixed it.


They’re more offset than 2 or 3 pixels for me…

Edit: seems like it depends on how much you zoom you browser. If I zoom out so I can see multiple profile pictures as the latest posters, it looks good. But when I zoom in enough to only see the single latest poster in a thread, it’s offset. Same in Opera and Firefox


I see. This is an issue when the browser is shrunk so that only the latest poster is shown. It might be possible to fix that, but it is beyond my abilities.


Man, @nawthor, you’ve been busy!

Thanks for the options.


How can you edit the christmas hats. Can you edit the CSS itself or are you only allowed pixel values?

If it’s CSS, for Desktop this seems to do the trick on every screensize (untill you reach mobile)

top: -62%;
left: -25%;

Mobile needs the reversed hat to be

left: 19%;


The CSS. I just talked about the pixel values as that is what I was tweaking.
I didn’t write the CSS myself, nor am I very good at it, so I usually keep to just tweaking numbers and other simple things.

This works for me. Thanks a lot!

This is the code I use for mobile:

.topic-avatar {
    position: relative;

.topic-avatar > a::after {
	content: '';
	background-image: url($hat);
	background-size: contain;
	background-position: center;
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	position: absolute;
	top: -65%;
	left: -27%;
	width: 130%;
	height: 100%;

.topic-post:nth-of-type(2n) .topic-avatar > a::after {
	transform: rotate(-5deg) translateX(-4px);

.topic-post:nth-of-type(5n) .topic-avatar > a::after {
	transform: rotate(5deg) translateX(4px);

.topic-post:nth-of-type(3n) .topic-avatar > a::after {
	transform: scaleX(-1) rotate(5deg) translateX(-8px);

(It’s the same as on desktop, with the exception of a few numbers)
Where would the



I’ve checked it, but it seems Mobile is already working as it should. ( i do suggest changing the top: -65% to -55% for a better snuggly fit)

You can disregard the left: 19%. that is for the mirrored ones when the screen is zoomed in about 200% A unrealistic scenario if you ask me.


I’ve changed it to -60%. -65% has it so far down on the avatar that it covers parts of some avatars (noticeably, my head).


Hehe, good point :stuck_out_tongue: