Choosing the ultimate 2 kg laptop


Well… That one sentence explains everything :smile:

On that matter: if you’re able to get components so cheap, why hasn’t anyone started a business selling them on eBay? All I can find (including Aliexpress and other dubious Chinese sites) are used parts ripped from used devices, or really expensive (like $100). And with the prices you’re giving, it looks like you could buy a flagship phone for $100. That’s also a good business - buy for $100 and sell for $200.
You see, for this reason it seems like we’re missing a piece of the puzzle here. This simply doesn’t make sense.


Since we already went offtopic this far… Does anyone here like pancakes?


I like waffles more. Pancakes are too thick and soak up syrup like a sponge. Kind of gross.


Yes they are personal contacts, however if you were here and I took you there and introduced you, then you would get the same kind of price.

Doing business in China is ALL about contacts.

As you and I may have discussed before, I’m pretty much retired from that industry and have no interest other than for my own personal or family/friends needs.

There are many thousands of people selling these things on Wechat, Taobao, Alibaba, Ali Express, eBay and Gumtree etc.

However the real skill is first of all finding them, then sorting the good from the bad. An introduction or experience and insider knowledge helps most of all.

All my life I have tried to be open minded and willing to change my perspective or opinions.
And sometimes I can be stubborn and stupid.

I love change, unfortunately most people fear or void it.

I agree. I love French pancakes (crepes), not American (sweet pseudo burgers).

This discussion has become too far off topic and any further response from me needs to be by message.


Kind of disapointed by the Yoga line. Build quality is… incertain from what I’ve seen.
I got a Lenovo 710 yoga on amazon but its screen literaly broke 4 month after I bought it.
I’d love to get the 720 (I’d use the pen for render and photoshop) but I don’t know if lenovo has fixed the problem.
I’m basically in the same boat as you as I’m looking for a 15" laptop for graphical art. The Dell might be a more solid machine. So I might get it and couple it with an external tablet.


I love crepes more than pancakes. I could eat them until I could blow up. I put some drops of vanilla/almond essence in mine and that’s how I won the heart of every men in my life. With crepes.


Has anyone tried these?



Anybody have any experience with the MSI GS63VR?

I am interested in purchasing one of the 2017 models with Nvidia’s Max-Q GPUs.


That looks like a tan alacantra cloth rolled up


You Win!
I’m all yours. :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, you know alcantara well, don’t you? :smile:
Actualy it’s crêpes rolled up. They’re very crusty, and small, and I have no idea how they’re made. But they’re amazing.


I have not seen crêpes of that color and texture before! And I haven’t had crêpes in a long time. Now I’m hungry…


Ok, the quick excourse of ‘Haha, we’re offtopics already, so pancakes’ was fun but please try to stay on-topic now everyone! :smiley:


well, it was a very interesting off topic! Thanks a lot


Every single thing you mentioned here turned out true :joy:

Unfortunately, Microsoft under their infinite wisdom decided only US Americans need a 15" laptop


Haha! Just call me Nostradevemus :smiley:.

That is a crazy decision about the 15" model, especially because it’s that much more powerful than the 13.5" model.

At least with the Surface Pro, you could buy a US version without the keyboard, and get a keyboard in your home country, but trick is not an option with the surface book. :frowning:

On the plus side, the V’s nearly here (yay!), and interesting new eGPUs like this make portable powerhouses look really enticing. Good times.


Solution: just buy the US version?


That is a solution. But personally, if I was dropping that kind of cash on a laptop, I’d want a native keyboard. I accept that this is not the only view on the matter though :wink:


In fact, it isn’t. Personally, if I was dropping that kind of cash on a laptop, I’d want both keyboards.


if I was dropping that kind of cash on a laptop, I dont want no keyboard. It better type everything for me :joy::joy: