Choosing the ultimate 2 kg laptop


That is not a great price at all… It’s a ULV processor, a low end graphics card and otherwise “average” specs except maybe RAM. I’d say that’s a pretty normal price for what it is. Maybe a tad expensive. But look, it’s a Xiaomi, the crap king…


a bit like that other manufacturer you love so much “Crapple”… boy you like your crap! Lol


“as opposed”? Well, they’re different, but not the opposite.


edited for my crap english :rofl:


I agree that a few years ago, the quality of Xiaomi was on the edge and sometimes questionable.
But things change and so can opinions.

However at that point of time Xiaomi was a product that was built to a price point.

I now own several Xiaomi devices and put their quality up there close to the best.

They are a multi device/product manufacturer, and the quality and innovation is now second to none for the price.

Their value now is at the top level and getting better every day.

They still build to a lower price point, and now they pack in a reasonable amount of tech and innovation.

Lots of bang for your buck, as some would say.


Thanks for sharing your opinions here.

May I inquire which Xiaomis you own? Do they last long?

Used to have a redmi note2 myself and while its quality was really impressive for the price, it only lasted for 1 year.

  • Battery life started dropping pretty soon (bad cells / recycled cells).
  • Random software started appearing after 1 Year.

Lol maybe it was hacked, surely possible with the phones shipping rooted.

So in the end the quality wasnt that good.

As per what Konsta has said about Xiaomi, I dont think his experience is very representable as its limited to only a very ambitious, almost prototype-like phone that was never going to be mass market. Granted, its unacceptable to ship with flaws like he experienced, though!

There is much to like in the brand, but those prices don’t come cheap :wink:


We have a Note Pro which is nearly 3 years old now and going strong, my wife hammers it, with photos and WeChat. She is Chinese.

I bought some over the ear headsets for my kids over a year ago and they love them. They look good too.

A 12000 power bank, not sure of the model but was the biggest availble at the time 2 years ago, and still going strong.

A few months ago (8 I think) I bought the Xiaomi Mix Black edition with 256GB, 6 GB Ram and dual SIM.

This is truly a fabulous looking phone and a beauty to hold and use. Everybody wants to hold and play with it. I love it.

Early this year I bought the ninebot Pro. (I believe Segway is now part of Xiaomi company)
This machine incredibly well built, great quality and fun to use.

All devices have been trouble free and still going well.
My wife dropped and broke the Note screen, but easy fixed here. She never charges it on a regular basis and a few weeks ago the battery was starting to not hold charge properly. So we had both screen and battery replaced for less than $25.

As you can see I’m now a big Xiaomi fan, and recommend them to anyone I meet.


In Oil&Gas industry - basically everything from Xiaomi, Huawei or similar Chinese companies is banned and prohibited, as they found multiple backdoors, keyloggers and spyware in them …


could you PM me your sources for this please? :slight_smile:

After all, this thread is about the ultimate 2KG laptop :wink:


Security administrators - EnCana, Husky, Talisman/Repsol, Shell, BP, CNRL, Suncor, Syncrude, TransCanada …

It was reaction to Xiaomi suggestion …


Hehe… Then explain please how I got a 10000mAh power bank 2 years ago…


Well, I guess we’ve found the culprit then… The screen must be a really shitty one if it cost less than $25 to replace it. The battery too, because a good, high capacity battery tailored to a specific smartphone model (that means custom shape) usually costs at least $20 by itself… You can get a decent smartphone screen for $20, but those are peeled out of old defective units, so if you want a really new, unused replacement, it’s more expensive. And then you had to pay for the work itself, right? So it breaks down to what, $10 for battery and the same for screen? That’s assuming someone did the work for $5…


On your first point.
Oops! I left off a zero whilst typing.

On your Second point:-
I live in Qingdao, China. And I am able to buy wholesale.

I watched the actual process being done.
New parts all the way.

And $5 is too much to pay for labour


oh yeah in China its wayyy cheaper…

where do you live btw? Im in SZ atm


Wow, I thought we pay little for labor here in Lithuania… Looks like there are places where you pay even less :smile:
Here we would pay $5 for a small fix like replacing the battery (when it’s actually user-replaceable), in most places. We consider that expensive, but that’s what the prices are… If you want your phone to be disassembled and the screen replaced, you’re expected to pay at least $10-15 for the work.

Anyway, $250 is not cheap. You can almost buy a new smartphone for that (I bought mine for 300 euros).


Chinese spyware aside, if the retro design also applies to the interiors (meaning, most importantly, easy access to and exchangability of many parts), Thinkpad 25 could be considered. Am a bit disappointed that it won’t have a VGA port though. :rofl:
Provided it comes with a quad core CPU which would mean that it would rather be based on the t460p than the t470 as mentioned in the article… :thinking:


@Masters888 Left a ‘0’ on the mAh battery, he got a 12000 mAh 2 years ago. The screen/battery + labour was still $25.


Ok then my point stands, lol…

So you bought like a 1000 screens to fix your phone? Or what else do you mean by “wholesale”?


Buy it direct from the manufacturer (or pretty close to) most likely. This video gives a really good idea what it is like to buy/deal/work with electronics in China when he tries to build his own iPhone from parts:


It’s really irrelevant Paul.
You don’t have a good understanding of doing business, and that’s perfectly understandable.

I was involved in the tech hardware business for years and I have learned certain ways to find and buy at wholesale prices, Whether I buy 1 or 1000 it does not matter as they are personal contacts. (BTW I rarely buy quantities of items, I don’t need to)

In China, the place where I go, is a small place of 2 floors of dozens of competing mobile phone, repairs and parts shops. The owners are virtually fighting for every sale they can get. I use 1 in particular repair guy, and I have recommended him to many expats and students here to get their phones repaired. So in return this particular guy looks after me.

Another particular shop in this complex is owned by a young lady who speaks reasonable English and so she gets a lot of business from International students wanting to buy new or second hand phones in great condition.
I have bought 3 phones from her in the past year as she can get me the Hong Kong models, this is because they can run the Google suite of apps. ( Most Chinese phones cannot run Google apps without rooting - Some are hardwired not to run Google apps at all)