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Community Digest 01.08

Checking out now… :slightly_smiling_face:


really, really cool page - I love it and learned so much about the early days
but I have to say: the picture described as from Salzburg, Austria was taken in Leipzig, Germany


We’ve fixed it. Thanks for letting us know!


It was awesome. Love the simple storytelling layout. Great fun!


Looks awesome, love the map! :smiley:


The map is cool :slight_smile: Good that the taxi driver kept you alive and safe ^^

Kudos for the great page.


Great page, great map, but too little V’s in Germany!!!


I really like this new page. It feels a bit more friendly and human, and is also really informative.


What about the had to switch screens because of problems with the current supplier.


I think that story is still being told…


Really amazing page that you got. I love the V map so cool. I read all that was an very interesting reading :blush:


Nice page! Enough info without being boring slabs of text


Does V have 6 ports? I count 5 :confused:


2 USB-C, 2 USB A, headphone jack and microSD slot is my guess.


Ah… Didn’t think the micro SD slot counts as a port :slight_smile:


What an intense and fearless ride so far! :+1:
Congrats Team, we are eagerly waiting for the next milestones! :smiley: :clap:
(Especially the one that involves a few thousands ring bells and as many impatient (usually illegible) signatures on paper / electronic parcels around the world! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


If you can connect a device to it, it’s a port. So yeah, microSD


Kinda, technically… But people usually just leave the card in, so does an M.2 slot also count as a “port”? I mean an SSD is a device, and you can plug one into an M.2 slot…
But don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind them calling the SD card slot a port. It just wasn’t immediately obvious to me.


I think partnering with Underdog was one awesome decision. I actually enjoyed going through the page and following Eve’s story. I joined the community over a year ago and have followed along for the most part, but perhaps for the first time, through this story-line presentation, I realize how truly revolutionary Eve’s approach and methods are. The word that comes to mind is unprecedented. Kudos to both Eve and Underdog!