Charging V in car


I tried that and the V got extremely hot, IMO. Dont wanna damage it


It’s shouldnt, sine wave inverter for electronics.


But like someone mentioned in a similar thread, the 12 volt ports in cars are not designed for stuff like this and can at worst cause a fire. I’ve damaged many 12 volt receptacles trying to use a inverter to charge things like phantom 4 batteries and using 12 volt portable ovens to warm food in my car ir charge solar generators. Maybe newer cars have stronger better built receptacles but mines, at some point, melt where the plastic part is and stop working so I have to replace them. Maybe there’s a special inverter your referring to? Mines was a cheap one off amazon. Dont think it was a sine wave one. Not sure


It does 15v which is the same as the V charger.


Another thing to point out is to look for a PURE sine inverter rather than the more affordable, and more common, modified (or square) sine inverter.

Ideally these are wired directly to the battery (even better if it is an auxiliary or secondary battery separated via an isolator) with the proper gauge wire.

I wired one into my westfalia - it’s super handy. However, if you can do it without having to invert from 12V>standard current (and then the charger RE-inverts it to 12V to charge the device) you’ll save battery power. Inverting it (let alone doing it twice) wastes power.