Charging the V with other chargers


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USB Power Delivery is actually not just a spec for a certain Volt/Amper, but a protocoll.
So the charger communicates with the devices and tells which supply possibilitys are available. (If you look closer on the V-Charger there a three different settings mentioned: 5V-3A, 9V-3A, 15V-3A)
Then the device (our V) will ask the charger to supply a certain setting. Which will propaply be the 15V-3A, because in order to charge the battery you need to supply more power than the V consumes while running (which can be in worst cases more than 20 W) to not only compensate that, but to also manage a decent charging time.
Other than that you need a Voltage above battery-Voltage to be able to charge it. Those batteries usualy consist of multiplse Li-Io cells. A single Cell has ~3.6V, but you need about 4.2V to charge it.
If you have for example 3 Cells you would need 12.6V to charge the whole battery and a bit more for the electronics to work.
So your phone charger wouln’t be able to charge you V for multiple reasons:

  • it cannot supply the needed Voltage and/or Power to actually charge the V while running
  • it doesn’t understand USB PD and nothing happens
  • if it does understand USB PD the V wouldn’t use it because of the first point and nothing happens as well

Hope this helps :smiley:


Do you know if the V’s PD charger can be used to charge anything that accepts USB charging? I read somewhere that PD can communicate with all other USB charging standards.

So what I want to know is if I can use this charger to charge my phone, too. The charger supplied with the phone is Quick Charge 3.0 (the highest output it mentions is 5V-2.5A) and obviously the lowest output mentioned on the V’s charger is 5V-3A. On the face of it that’s a NO - the V charger would damage my phone battery - but I don’t understand much about charging technology and I wonder if the phone’s chip can instruct the charger to give it the right output.

Alternatively there’s this charger

but its max output is 9V-3A or 15V-2A. Assuming the V wasn’t getting drained too fast at a given time, would this charger still be able to charge it?




Ace. Thanks for the info.


for my aussie mate out herde, i’d recommend the kogan 40w usb c pd 3 port charger /w 2 usb a Qc3.0. it’s only $19 and is a steal. (fast delivery and free shipping.) is thin as a battery bank… although the included usb c cable is way too short


UK based V owners wanting a spare charger may be interested in this 60W Inateck device (USB PD 2.0) which, to my mind, looks remarkably like the official Eve one. The site points to Amazon but provides a code for a big discount:

Update - the voucher code has expired, sorry. Still available at £29.99 though.


Just a bump here - I believe my V may be defective, not sure. However, it does not charge with ANY source other than the V’s charger. Not the Nintendo Switch charger, which is USB-PD, not my Google Pixel charger, which is USB-PD, not my Type-C car charger, which also uses USB-PD, not a proprietary standard - it will accept charge from NOTHING BUT THE V CHARGER. Issue here…?


Could be the W? Do they go up to 15V 3A?


Sorry I can’t help any better but did you already try changing the USB-C cables, some cables just not up to the standard. (Or just simply not compatible with some other charger.)

I hope I can help more but i don’t have V yet.


I don’t think you have a defective V. Your issue is that none of the power sources you have tried are up to putting out the required power rating for the V to charge, which is 45W.

  • Here is the V charger’s rating: 15V 3A (45W)

  • Here is the Nintendo Switch’s charger rating: A maximum output of 15V at 2.6Amps outputs 39W which is below what the V requires.

  • And the Google Pixel’s charger rating: A maximum output of 18W from 9V at 2Amps which is below what the V requires.

So any USB-PD charger that your try with has to have that minimum 45W output.

I hope this helps.


I tested several chargers, had to return Anker chargers, kept a Ravpower 60W.


Left my V charger in a meeting room today. I knew no phone charger will charge it, but now I see getting a replacement will be much much harder than I thought.


I’m pretty sure the Inatek charger I posted about above would do the job but I don’t have that. Instead I have two non-original chargers that I use with the V. A 60W Anker one which does the job but can’t really supply enough per port to charge while the V is working hard - although it does stop it draining the battery further.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the details of the other charger so that will have to wait until I get home but that does work as well as the original.

Anyway, the Anker charger is available on Amazon:


Not necessarily, you just have to make sure it goes up to 45W (specifically 15V 3A like the V charger)

I have no problems charging my V with the brick that came with my T3P which charges over usbc as well.


I can charge my V w/o problems with macbook pro 2017 charger. (The 87W one)


I think the problem with the Anker one above is that while it’s rated at 60W it can’t deliver enough to the USB C port.

Now I’ve been home I can say that the other charger I mentioned is a 45W Olixar device and that works absolutely fine:


I finally lost my EVE powerbrick, ordered a generic replacement, will have it this week and we’ll see then if it will work or not.