Charging the V with other chargers

Is there any possibility to charge the V with for example an Lumia 950 Charger? It charges 3A @ 5V which isn’t complying to the qualcomm quick charge specifications. It has got an usb-c plug.
The reason why I want to use it, is simply the size. It’s much easier to put this small thing in the bag than the original one.

V doesn’t use Qualcomms Quick Charge. It uses USB Power Delivery standard.

Don’t know which standard the Lumia charger uses but I would guess it’s actually Qualcomm Quick Charge or is it USB-PD?

Anyways i think the Lumia charger wont have enough “power” to charge the V

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Beware also of damage from other chargers that don’t meet spec as invalidate warranty


There is a Charger FAQ. I think it is possible but not recommended.
I have the other question: Can I charge my Lumia with the V charger.
If I remember the discussion on the Charger FAQ correctly, it should be possible but not confirmed.

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Pretty much confirmed. Phones charge via all kinds of adapters, they don’t need to be qualcomm quickcharge or USB PD. I can charge my phone with my Vs charger just fine.

Regarding charging your V with the Lumia charger: I don’t think that the Lumia charger is a USB PD charger. If it is then yes it will charge, if it isn’t the V won’t accept it.

the Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2017 charges using USB-PD. I don’t know if there’s an ability for the manufacturer to alter what power sources it accepts or how it accepts them, but I’ve used regular old USB 2.0 wall warts to attempt to charge the X1C and it works. Sure, it can only do it while the laptop is asleep or powered down, and 5v 2.4A does take ages to charge the 57Wh battery it has, but the charging indicator lights up, and it does actually deliver the power - about 30% of the battery in 8 hours, if memory serves. I should test this with two 2.4A sources because I think with the X1C you can use both type C ports for charging at the same time. This probably won’t work with other voltages though, without PD. We should test this with the V.

Don’tcha just love it when manufacturers use industry standards? Ain’t it the best?

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Well I did test it and my V won’t charge over phone power adapters or my powerbank which all aren’t USB PD.

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Did you try it when the V was powered down? For higher-power machines like windows tablets and laptops, USB PD will only accept lower voltages when the machine is off or asleep. It’s basically trickle-charging the battery, which would be overwhelmed by the device drawing power from the battery.

No I didn’t try that yet. But when it’s turned on it doesn’t show at the battery icon in windows. The V has no charging indicator so I would need to drain it a bit and then leave it for a long time to check. I’ll see if I can do that but I remember @iKirin saying something about it only charging from USB PD sources :stuck_out_tongue:

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I asked @iKirin this a couple of times before, many months back (when we didn’t know the screens were going to take so long to get).

From what I remember, it was said that it wouldn’t be recommended to charge with it, but I don’t think it would hurt the V either.

The Lumia 950XL charger is a much lower wattage than the one with the V, so you may get power, but you might not be able to actually charge with it.
I don’t have my V yet, and I’m not currently next to my Lumia fast charger, or else I’d compare the specs for you.

Come to think of it, maybe @Patrick_Hermawan could lend some insight on this?

Ok, then I won’t charge it with the Lumias charger. I just thought, it could fit, because it doesnt use higher voltage for quick charging like the qualcomm fast chargers do. The lumias charger is using the 5 Volts @3A instead.

Quick follow up on this: V does in fact NOT charge from a regular USB power charger - at least my OP2 charger (5V, 2A - USB-A output) does not charge the V.

@thedrawer USB-C in fact allows for 5V, 3A by default if both ends are USB-C cables - I however don’t think the V would charge from that either. Also, officially I have to mention that we can’t cover damages to the V caused by third-party chargers.


Thanks @iKirin. I wont take any other charger than the original one then. I just try out whether the V charger is able to quick charge my Lumia.

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Actually as far as I can remember, the USB PD standard does not say anything against charging at 5V,2-3A. If it does not do it, that is strange in my opinion, maybe a FW Bug like the 98% Bug…

There is an old thread of mine where I tried to unfuzz the USB charging stuff if somebody is interested

Afaik if the chager and the device don’t recognize each other they will fall back to some level where there is not enough power to charge the V.

Not enough Power would mean it indicates AC Power and discharge slower.

But as far as I understood, the V does not do anything when attached to a 5V (or defective PD) charger which is strange and in my opinion this should not be the case.

I cannot test this behavior, since my V is not produced until now… :frowning:

I can confirm, my V does not charge at a Multiport charger with 2.4A at one Port and a OnePlus 3 Charger with 4A Output. Very annoying to charge evertime with the V charger, looking for a free wall socket, take the Charger and the Cable with you.

The OnePlus Charger is using a properistic System - forget the OnePlus charger.

So my question @Team
A lower charging rate would be better for the battery, espacially, you can’t replace the battery. Is it possible to reduce the needed charging rate by a software update or is it hardware controlled?

not as big a deal as one might think, actually:

okay, but i dont like to be forced, to use the eve plug only. I don’t belive, that 2 Amperes can’t charge the battery of the V.

At a Dell device i got the notification “Power supply low, charging need more time” if i use a 1A charger. But it has charged - slowly. I was more flexible

how to display the battery report with decimal point?