Charger+Dock+Powerbank - lets design an ultimate companion for our Vs


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Made this thread a while back and I think the suggestion was for you to skim through this one to see if what you had in mind has been discussed here already. If you feel like you would like to add and/or continue the discussion in this thread, you are welcome to, as it probably would make sense to keep all in one place especially if new thread would be repeating what’s already here :slight_smile:


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I love this but you can’t use it for a dual monitor setup. I might just pick one up anyway for when I’m out of the office.


Has there been anything official from EVE about a decision made for a ‘Docking Combo (Docking station with expanded ports + Powerbank)’ as per the voting results at the beginning of this thread?

This in my opinion would be the next logical step for EVE as it could potentially increase sales of the V if potential customers saw there was a dock available.


No as every minute they have is being used to get the Vs shipped. After that they will start to think new/other things


Does any body know if an USB C hub has been discussed before?
I’m looking for a portable (compact) usb C hub with 2 or 3 usb ports, SD card, HDMI, charging and possibly VGA and/or Network port. (and another requirement: the usb c lead cable should be extendable, I want it to be minimum 50 cm long)
I’ve found a nice number of these from different brands, but based on the reviews these hubs seem to never be fully operational. Before I buy one I’d like to know if it’s actaully going to be fully operational with the V.
Any thoughts on this?


I think this has been shown before, but the chocolate hub looks to meet most of your needs:

I think it’s a pass through charger - meaning you need another power supply.

For the most part, “real” chargers only have USB ports.


I have one and like it. Needs an external charger though.


Have a look at this video:

They tested a number of USB-C devices, and compared their features, performance and price. The V should be able to handle everything, since we kept to the USB and Thunderbolt standards.


The more suggestions about existing alternatives I read, the more I am convinced that an EVE USB-C/TB3 dock (or hub/charger), preferably compact, is needed; there is simply not a single one that will cover all needs (2 HDMI, 2 DVI , gigabit ehernet, additional USB 3.1 and USB-C/TB ports for peripherals, mobile phones etc, possibly also a wireless charger for mobile phones/tablets …), certainly not a compact and reasonably priced one.


The thing is, that most people don’t need all bases covered. And for most people, there is a dock or hub out there somewhere already… Creating one from scratch that does everything would also means it costs everything, and most people simply won’t be interested…


I am sure most people will need at least ethernet, a way to connect an external monitor, and at least a few usb ports to connect and charge their mobiles, a camera, a memory stick, an external drive, possibly a blue ray … and I have not even mentioned an sd card reader :slight_smile::wink::relaxed::blush:
But, perhaps this should be considered as a new project, rather than an eve v accessory.


The EVE Vs port selection is to good to make most of them useful. At least for mobile situations.

You basically need display adapter(s). Here are a lot of small hubs that have one display connector, one USB A and USB C power pass trough. These does not fit the EVE very well. You can just use the second USB C port for power and the EVE already has two USB A ports. So why carry an adapter around with ports that are just duplicates of ports on the device itself?

LAN can be solved with an USB A adapter, if you really need lots of USB A, get an (USB A) hub (with integrated LAN). Same goes for a card reader.

Here are USB PD chargers with additional USB A ports. This allows you to load all that gadgets without connecting them to the EVE V.

And for the desktop here are lots of options starting from small hubs over USB C docks up to TB3 eGPU enclosures.


Of course! But if you plan to use EVE as your only device, then life would be easier with a dock :slight_smile: Unless you actually enjoy unplugging everything when you go and then plug it back again when you return home :thinking::herb:


But that would be different situations. No need to carry them around. Quite the opposite. To carry them around you would have to disassemble and reassemble the setup all the time. If you do that why have a dock at all?

Exactly that.


I’d argue that current USB-C dock selection is still quite limited and expensive. However I certainly don’t need all bases covered. A simple dock with dual external monitor support, ethernet support, some USB-C slots, and the ability to charge your V is perfect for me.


power combo.

quick charge for the power bank with two additional female ports for charging a phone or so.
i like the splitable design of the dell product. because if i only need the powerbank function i can leave the plug and cable behind and the thing becomes smaller and lighter.

apparently third party powerbanks would work but if they damage the v it’s not covered under warranty so i don’t want to risk that.
battery life of v may be good. but if a job depends on it, i need a backup. working outdoors for example with the display as bright as possible and constant load on the cpu i doubt it would ten hours.
so i would buy if it was reasonably priced.