Charger+Dock+Powerbank - lets design an ultimate companion for our Vs


The common marketing practice for cell-phone batteries is to indicate the amount of Ah for a voltage of 3.7V. To obtain the amount of Wh, it is usually enough to multiply Ah by 3.7V.


Well, it leaves room for fooling customers. I have seen 10000mAh powerbanks with different Wh ratings, certainly when looking at aliexpress. Wh does leave less room for fooling. Than it is the efficiency that plays a role, which also plays a role when putting it in mAh.


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Correct math :blush:
They still teach A x V= W on many schools: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Opening Post only refers to options including a powerbank.
I for example am not interested in anything with a powerbank included. Light weight is key and the normal battery life of the EVE is way enough for me.

What I would like is a “wall charger + docking station with expandable ports” - no powerbank.
And the expandable port should be Regular USB + HDMI. That would be enough for me. This would keep it nice and compact and light weight.


I fully agree with this apt wording. My previous post was written before I read this.

So let’s create the mega awesome companion for the V, without the powerbank.


The original post I made was meant to open the discussion on the accessories such as expansion cards, power banks, chargers and combination of such. It was a while back and I am not sure how it turned into powerbanks centric discussion. You guys feel free to continue your discussion, but if there are any particular accessories that you would like to see with V, perhaps it would be better to post them into Accessories for EVE V after launch


Yeah, the Asus looks like a nice unit. Like you said, change to USB-C also don’t forget changing from QuickCharge to USB PD.


What if we make an all-in-one dock? Similar to an MSI GS30:


I had to use my phone XD


Erm, is there something wrong with A*V = W? :smiley:


The power you consume at home is less than the power that is transferred from the power plant to your device (and back).
The power you really use is measured in Watt which you pay for per hour (Wh).
The difference is called reactive power which is measured in VA and you don’t have to pay for it.
It’s got something to do with transformation and capacitors.
Of you are interested in more details you can look it up here.


I still don’t understand why this was brought up, as we were only discussing DC devices here :wink:


I just ordered a couple of these:

For $79, they seem to do the trick nicely unless someone can point out any reason these wouldn’t work. You can plug the USB-C charger from the V into it and it has pass through power to the laptop, has 4K out, SD Card + USB ports. The makers should be shipping this about the same time the V is shipping.


Those do actually seem pretty cool. I mean, $79 still isn’t exactly cheap, but for what you’re getting in the form factor, at the very least worth considering!


I proposed something with a bit more beef here, I’d love to have some thoughts on this