Charger+Dock+Powerbank - lets design an ultimate companion for our Vs


Well the existing eGPU docks all have an individual design for the board, the case and the power supply. No chance to replace the power supply with a quieter or more powerful one. No chance to get a larger case for a larger graphics card. How about water cooling for the GPU?

Here is the whole case modding community to think about. People needs and tastes are different and a complete device will always be a compromise. A generic board that fits into the existing ecosystem would allow for a lot more specific setups.

Comparing the size:
Razer Core: (H) 131mm (W) 206mm (D) 321mm
Lian Li PC-Q01: (H) 275mm (W) 200mm (D) 242mm

The Razer Core is to large (depth) for my desk. The space on my table is only 25cm. It is still the best fit at the moment. The others are even larger (Asus Rog XG2, …) and I really dislike the brutal design. The AKiTiO Node has no USB so I would need an additional TB3 hub and hope that it works with it, just to connect the input devices.


there is so many threads about the accessories on this forum it is confusing, someone can please put all ideas for battery and charger together?


There are newer ones available, but you just pulled a two months old thread out of the depths to “complain” that there are too many (and that was your second post in this community)… :wink:
So far we just did a couple of brainstorming​ threads, different ways of discussion I suppose. Once the official discussion starts (and if there’s Eve involvement), there will be a new and consolidated topic.


sorry didn’t mean to complain, I searched for all topics and meant to bring them together or maybe someone wanted to do that


I just discovered this product and I think it will be useful for Eve V users as well as other USB-C laptop/tablet users.

Basically its a charger with built-in battery, so you can charge your device without actually plugging the charger to the wall. The benefit over regular power bank is that you don’t need to remember to charge it, as it will be charged the same time you charge you device.

The dimensions are quite compact too, and Id argue its better than Eve chargers. Sorry for the blasphemy.

The bonus feature, you can split them apart if you just need the power bank part.

Is it possible for @Team to ask the supplier and have this with the V? Ill gladly pay more to have this over a regular charger.


I took the liberty of changing your ping. @Konstantinos suddenly decided that Eve_Team would be too much, so he changed it to Team. Just wanted to let you know.


If they don’t do it, you can always get one from Dell :slight_smile:


@pauliunas - In Canada that Dell costs $246 - pretty expensive …


Wauw, that shit is expensive. It is a 45Wh powerbank. My poweroak powerbank has 185 Wh for 179€ (although I got it cheaper from amazon). A bit overkill for the V, but it was one of the only powerbanks that does deliver at 20V (my asus laptop requires 19V). It is big and heavy, but I am still glad that I have it.

I think the future for powerbanks is with usb C since many laptops now comes with a USB C port, so that would become more and more universal. If Eve can get this for the V with USB C than it would also probably be used by other consumers since I didn’t really find USB C powerbanks.


Is it compatible for V? or safe to use? @nawthor @Konstantinos @Mike


Since Dell is using the USB-PD standard I’m pretty sure it’ll work fine with the V :slight_smile:

@Topic and @Patrick_Hermawan: This thing looks interesting, however I’m pretty sure we can’t have it bundled with the V since it’d increase the amount of SKUs by an insane amount - as an extra addon however I personally like the idea :smiley:


Guys, this is more reasonable, on Amazon

Lumsing USB C External Battery Pack 10050 mAh, Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank USB-C Battery Charger Type C Charging Block for nexus 6p iPhone Samsung and more(Black)
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TYPE-C INPUT: This device also features a USB type-c input for all your compatible devices. Don’t be caught outside without the right port for your devices when you need them the most.
PORTABLE: This power bank is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and charge as you go. Don’t worry about not being able to bring along your power bank when space is limited. This power bank fits your lifestyle.
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Could it be an addon for purchase in web store after V’s launch? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’d be great to have my V and mobile phone charged by a single sleek eve power bank. (guess what… I don’t have much confidence to charge V with my current aging xiaomi power bank…) :grimacing:

Perhaps we could start with a count for those who are interested, and then make a price quote for producing it? Dell’s prices are just insanely high… :imp:


As this one is QC3 - you shouldn’t be using it for EVE V. You need PD or QC4.


I was just at the Microsoft Store (in Dallas) today, and this must’ve been what was sitting on the table!!
I was looking at it briefly, but I just figured it was an overpriced battery pack. :sweat_smile: There wasn’t a sign near it at all, and I wasn’t looking to buy, so I didn’t investigate further.


It would be much simpler if you dropped us a link insttead of copying the full page text into a post :slight_smile:


It looks like a very useful device for laptops / tablets without USB-C PD.
But I do not see the point of using it with V. You can use any Power bank with USB PD and bypass charging instead and have the same functionality. Maybe I do not understand something.


In my opinion it’s 2 different devices that can be combined with each other :wink:
This would be a good option for those who voted against the charger-in-socket.
As for me, there 2 small disadvantages:

  • I usually carry either charging or power bank to optimize the total weight. But I never take both.
  • It looks like this power bank can only be recharged by its own proprietary charger (it is inconvenient in some situations).
    But in any case, Dell made pretty well device.


I like how they did forget to state how much Wh is in the thing. They only state the mAh which in fact doesn’t tell enough without saying at what voltage that is stored. The Wh would tell much more, and it would say how much extra time you will averagely get from it. As example, if you have a laptop with 60Wh battery, than a 30Wh powerbank will only add half of the battery life and a 60Wh powerbank will double the battery life (this however does only count when the powerbank provide enough juice so that at least the internal battery doesn’t drain while using the powerbank). While talking about mAh it can mean both, it doesn’t have to be such a difference but it is possible.


I don’t see this having a very practical application. The question is, if you bring a charger, why would you need a powerbank? I’d rather have them separate as they are used in two different scenarios: powerbank when you are on the move and charger when you have a power socket nearby. The only part that is good is that the powerbank part can be charged without you thinking about it. If you could separate when you wanted only the powerbank and joined together to charge that would be the only option I see this being viable :slight_smile: