Charger+Dock+Powerbank - lets design an ultimate companion for our Vs


If Eve wants to expand beyond their base of hobbyists and nerds into the mainstream then they need to make it attractive to business people, professionals, etc. The lack of HDMI/display port is a setback, but now no dock? Wouldn’t it be bad if users of the Eve V were constantly plugging multiple cables in and out of the thin device?


I can’t speak for others but for me I have nothing against a dock. Nor a dock that charges the V. But I would be hard pressed to get a dock that doubles as a power-bank. With how Eve are pressing battery, and my working habits, I don’t need extra battery on the go. But a dock akin to the SP 4 dock could be awesome.


Please read more carefully. What we are discussing is the dock combo that also serves as a power bank, not a docking station. A well-deserved docking station is welcomed!


I think a dock without a battery would be great. Love the idea of plugging a single cable into my V to charge and provide all of the required connectivity. All the solutions out there at the moment seem unreliable (for the cheap stuff) or expensive (for the premium docks like from Dell and MS). A dock that provides a good range of ports (USB A + C, HDMI, Ethernet, Audio and PD) at a mid-priced tier would be awesome, plus with Eve’s name on it we’d know it would work out of the box. Guess this could be something the tablet ‘slots into’ or just sits behind the desk. Heck, could even combine with the eGPU idea and have all in one that sits at your desk via one connection.

I don’t really understand why you need a dock with a battery in it - If I need more battery it usually means i’m on the move and so don’t want to be ‘docking’ anywhere, if you get what I mean :slight_smile:


There are many docks for USB3, USB-C or Thunderbold 3 - pick the one you like I assume they will all work with the V since there is really nothing special about docking one PC over the other.


However, there are plenty of stories on the internet of these docks not working properly and giving poor display outputs/refresh rates - sending that much data through one device requires it to be well implemented. There is also relatively few decent Thunderbolt docks at a reasonable price, as I mentioned above - Dell etc. are in the range of ~£150 which is a lot for essentially a breakout box.

A well designed USB-C dock to accompany the V would be a nice pairing in my opinion.


Has a good scope of coverage from my perspective


Docks can be hit or miss, especially if trying ones in the low end and don’t have time to search around for reviews with your particular computer. EVE dock would of course top notch in terms of performance and value.

I will throw one use case where I thought the dock with battery could be useful. Traveling for work and presenting or working in group setting with projectors. Poorly configured/laid out conference rooms are all too common, so with a dock like that one could get legacy ports and not worry about reaching to the outlet across the room.


But with the battery life of the V, you should be able to present / do work with its built in battery :wink:


V will have amazing battery life, but for work settings it is never enough, as you taxi computer with heavy loads, forget to charge or not near an outlet, have looong meetings and flights. Just being a devil’s advocate here :joy:


BTW the dock with battery can be an very useful accessory for the new MacBook Pro users. It would give them ports and extra juice. A powerbank for MacBook Pro and V with ports what do you guys think?
Mac claims an update will fix the battery drain, but the battery they have inside is quite small, so I would take that with a grain of salt.

Guys and girls don’t miss the poll above, we need more votes! :wink:


Forgetting to charge is always going to be an issue be it forgetting to charge you V or your dock :sweat_smile:. Maybe I’m getting confused as to what we mean by a dock. As far as i’m concerned, my dock willl be plugged into everything at my desk, allowing the V to hook up via one cable - i’m not likely to want to disconnect it and reconnect it every time I go out or go to work, as it kinda defeats the whole purpose of a dock to me. If by dock we mean like a dongle with a few different ports than this is different.

This is what I see as a dock.

or this, but ugly af :joy:

This is what I see as a dongle - wouldn’t want one of these on my desk as it would look rubbish, but for taking to work or travelling then this is what I might use. Putting a battery in something like this would make sense to me


Whenever they’ve been talking about a dock in the context of this thread, they’ve been referring to a portable hub of some sort, much like what you showed in the last image. Personally I’d prefer them being called hubs, save the term ‘dock’ for a more permanent fixture that you can dock your device into when you come home.


Yeah, I think that would much reduce confusion - after all a ship cannot take its dock with it :joy:


Sorry for confusion. To clarify - yes the intent is to put a battery into a hub much like on your last image :slight_smile:


I genuinely though all along we meant a dock with a battery inside like this:

And I was thinking to myself “Why the hell do people want a dock with a BATTERY inside it? Isn’t the purpose of a dock to anchor it to your desk??”

Thank you for clearing that up. Let me go and readjust my vote.


:joy::joy::joy: Yeah that would make an odd device indeed


Ok, thanks for clarifying. I hope they do also make a dock for desks though.

As for the hub with the battery, why do people need extra battery if the Eve V will last for 10-12 hours??


The V is designed as mobile computer, so there should be no unnecessary parts or cables to carry around.
A dock , usable as “homebase” for V on the desk is a great idea.
A powerbank to give some extra hours of mobile work is also great.

I would prefer a modular design of 3 parts:

  1. Dock with extra “PowerDock” for powerbank (charging) and usable as stand for V. Not a solution as “dongle” or “sidebox” with cables.
  2. Charger directly attachable to powerbank (charging on the road) and usable for V or dock as direct powersource.
  3. Powerbank usable as mobile powersource for V.

Best would be to have this components all direct attachable without additional cables. One cable from wall-outlet to charger is everything you need with this setup.


Voted for Option 2.

Really like the idea of a combined power bank and port extender.
I often need an RJ45 Ethernet and also an HDMI would be great.

From the form factor point of view I would like to have something like an Apple TV. Small box with a battery pack and the ports, just connected with one cable (if that’s possible)