Charger+Dock+Powerbank - lets design an ultimate companion for our Vs


I think if any one of you thinks strongly in favour of one combination over another, please share with us your use cases.


Power combo is enough for practical use. I don’t expect to use dongles other than USB-C to HDMI or VGA when I am not in my home or office, and this kind of dongles can be bought for like $5 anyway.
ASUS has a power bank (ZenPower Combo) that has a handy built-in micro USB cable along with wall charger, which is similar to the power combo concept here, and I think with some tweak it can already be a perfect solution.
No need to make a charger into a behemoth with excessive ports. V already has 4 universal ports with a SD card slot.


A Taiwanese company, enerpad, already has had a similar product for two years.

Also, this is the Zenpower Combo I mentioned in the previous post:


I quite like the Zen power combo. Just change the micro USB to a USB c. And increase the battery size. Would be perfect for phones/Eve V


Docking station please and thank you. I work in an office and can’t imagine reconnecting all the wires multiple times a day if I have to leave to see clients.


Hah ;D but look at it from the bright side - Microsoft opened a new market for convertible PCs, Apple decided to give them a revenge and opened a new market for… dongles :smiley:


Looks like plenty of people are not interested and didn’t explain why.

Speaking about myself, here’s why I’m not that interested:

Power Combo (Charger + Powerbank)

One selling point of the V is that it should have one of the longest battery life among similar devices.
We don’t know for certain if it would really last 10 to 12 hours yet, but if it lives to its promise, that is certainly long enough for at least 90% of my usage.

It also already has a 48Whr battery, a very large one for its size, also directly translating extra weight.
The V is actually a little bit heavier (accordingly to current estimations) than the competition.

Also let’s consider powerbanks.
A typical ~16mAH or around 40 to 60Whr (not sure about the voltage) would probably fully charge the V once.
Powerbanks of this capacity likely going to weigh around 300g, which is more than a third of the V’s weight.

Assuming its of contingent use, we can cut that to half, so 8mAh / 20 to 30Whr, enough to half-charge the V once (just a rough estimate, not my point here). But it would still weigh around 150g.

But if it’s contingent, it would imply I’m going to carry it with me, and likely I won’t be needing it.
I don’t really want to carry more battery with me that isn’t likely to be used.

TL;DR for the above: V has enough battery, I don’t want to carry more :slight_smile:

On the bright side, if Eve decides to make a combo powerbank, the best thing is we can get a powerbank that’s guaranteed to work.

Docking Combo (Ports + Powerbank)

Ports are for connecting peripherals, usefulness depends on how many peripheral one has to connect.
For a docking combo however, since we’re integrating a powerbank in it, it is somewhat expected to be portable.
Portability and extra ports (no pun intended) I my opinion doesn’t work that well together - it would imply I’m carrying unnecessarily too many peripherals with me.

Super Combo (Charger + Ports + Powerbank)

It’s has all the good things and bad things of the above two suggestions… So…

Please note that I’m not criticizing, I’m just expressing that for my use case, I don’t need these combos :slight_smile:


ok guys like @kazenorin said i want to explain why i’m interested in the power combo and not docking or super combo.
First of all, i have a 5 year old desktop pc I5 sandy bridge pc that works very well on W10 and a smartphone. I bought the V because i’m a pc guy and and works a lot on excel and less on word due to my work and who travels sometimes. I bought the V because i want it to be light and don’t want to bring nothing more than v in his sleeve and hdmi usbc cable + charger when i’m on the go. I want to go from my V to my desktop seamlessly because i use Office 365 and OneDrive to sync my files between all my devices.

I won’t buy the docking station because it would increase the weight of my v uselessly, and the V has enough ports for me especially when i’m on the go with bluetooh. If i buy the docking station, i would need to bring me the docking station, the v, my charger.

I won’t buy the super combo too. It would be great but too much, because too heavy and certainly too expensive. with the v i would have the charger with powerbank + the docking station with battery inside and ports i don’t need. But with this solution i could have enough battery for 25-30h something that’d be awesome but i don’t think my needs are so big. I think for me 15h max is enough for me.

That’s why the power combo is good for me. With the power combo i could let my original charger always at home and take the power combo on the go in my bag pack or my shoulder bag . If is miss energy my power combo is a power Bank where i could grab at least grab 5-6 hours for V and more with my phone charging too and sharing my 4g connection. And if i find somewhere to plug, the power combo would charge the power bank built-in the charger plus my V and my phone all with the same device. I vote for Power Combo :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing the links. Zenpower is exactly what was envisioned for the Power combo, with the difference of more capacity and more power.


Thank you for taking the time to share with us your reasoning and use case. I wanted to add one more scenario from my personal experience where power combo would come in very useful. I use the same computer at work and at home, and most of the time away from the outlet. So often times I forget to put my computer or phone to charge only to find it in the morning drained while I am rushing to work or airport. If I had power combo, that would save me in situations like that a lot. I would simply put everything in my bag and let it charge while I am on my way. To me this not only having the extra juice, but a convenience of not forgetting to get everything charged


Ok so if you guys planned to make a power combo, i really would buy it but i’d have a few user requirements

  1. Make sure in power Bank mode we could grab at least 5-6 hours of battery life. For me i don’t plan to use powerbank all the time. but when you travel it can be useful
  2. make sure it’s elegant and not too bulky if possible. More elegant than what i saw from Asus in the link. And i want EVE logo on it.
  3. Make sure it can charge the V and the powerbank at the same time with priority for the V if it’s plugged
  4. Make sure we get at least 2 usb c (one for v naturally and another one for my phone). And maybe a third microusb because a lot of phones still use micro usb.
  5. Make sure it’s affordable :slight_smile:


I think this powerbank would have female usb ports (at least 2 of them) and then you plug a cable for whatever you need, be it usb c or micro usb.

Edit: Or one usb c cable attached fix and at least 1 female usb port to use with a cable of your choice


I agree on the female ports 2x USB A and 1x USB C, but I think we should not do fixed cables if we try to make it pocketable (probably a stretch on the pockets :joy:). I also like idea of cable (like SP4 charger) with a prong v.s. Apple style prong on charger/powerbank itself as some outlets struggle with holding them.


that’s what i thought no cable fixed. Most compact possible and yes 2 usb a and 1 usb c should be good.


Larger battery capacity with detachable AC cable, with ports including oneUSB-A with chick charge, one USB-C female, and one built-in USB-C cable should be more than enough.
The reason I would like to see a built-in USB-C cable is that it will become the standard for all devices in the near future, and with the built-in cable this power bank can keep us dongle-free.
Another important feature Imo is that the power bank itself should be capable of quick charge. With at least 24000 mAh capacity, it will take hours to charge it if not quick-charge enabled.
Also I would like to explain more about why I don’t think a dock combo is a good idea. There simply isn’t any practical case for a dock combo to be better than charger/dongles combination. A dock is generally referring to a stationary port combination, which allows users to easily remove or connect to other peripherals. If the dock is portable, users will need to remove all the cables before brining the dock with them. Then what is the point of this dock? It is no different than a dongle! It will also be limited functionally wise, since it now has to consider portability. Just buy a dongle if you need a dongle.


I like that, but I don’t think the USB C cable chould be connected to the “Power Supplier”. I had several Power Banks with this and at the and the cable is broke just overused, and you will get trouble during the charge. You can throw the whole Power Bank away. just because of the broken cable.

And I think that such a small USB C cable makes no difference.


The most important one is the “Power Combo” you can be away from a plug and if you see a plug you are able to rip yourself a bit of energy for the next journey. It needs to Charge Quick, really Quick.
The Ultimate Combo is a way to heavy.


I agree with you with the fact that docking combo is not a great idea but i disagree with the cable built in because it would be a waste of space. I don’t mind plugging a cable or changing a cable. Keep space for a rolling cable means less space for battery. Or we could put a bigger one in the same space. But you would prefer put a cable. A cable weighs nothing and it’s easy to plug or changing with usb a or usb c. And the point is making a compact charger


That’s actually very valid! Good point :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t the docking station be a good idea? You don’t have to take it with you. Most people just keep it in their office - the whole point of having one is so you can connect the laptop to the docking station with one USB cable.