Caps Lock indicator


is there a way to see if the caps lock is active, (without typing)
handy for paswords…


No, there sadly is no indicator for this. We need to type something somewhere else to check.


Most authentication dialogs tell you when caps lock is enabled, but I get the point it would be good to have an indicator on the keyboard.


Here you go!

[F] Keyboard configuration Utility
[F] Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON

The MacBook and a few HP / Asus laptops I handled had a small dot on the Caps Lock that lit up when active. I assumed Eve V didn’t over look this, as it’s rather handy.

Failing that, perhaps there’s a software or firmware update that would change the RGB color / activate or deactivate the backlight of the Caps Lock key when toggled?


This software is very useful for me on my samsung laptop that has no caps lock indicator. Seems like i will have to install it on my V when i get it

[F] Use the V Keyboards charge led to show if CAPS LOCK is ON

We definately need this.

I tried to log in with PIN instead of fingerprint, but my PIN was wrong.

After a while I realized Caps Lock was on, beeing the issue.
This will happen to a lot of people at some point i guess.


One option would be to use a numercial pin. Then it doesn’t matter if its on or off! :slight_smile:


Or a fingerprint sensor? :slight_smile:


It’s not just about about passwords. Accidentally hitting the Caps Lock before speed typing an entire sentence or paragraph can be annoying.

If people are gonna be using this on other devices (as the bluetooth capability would imply), knowing if Caps is toggled on or off is a big deal.


The V keyboard has a led in the right bottom (used to show the charging state right?). Can’t we use that to show some color when the CAPS LOCK is on?

I think we should add this as an feature request!


or, let the CAPSLOCK key blink, since it has an LED underneath it


I think this discussion is very needed and already there are a number of interesting opinions and suggestions:

1.Use LED Keyboard Lights (the Caps Lock LED, if that is a separate one below)

2.Use the LED indicator for the Bluetooth battery in another color

3.Show taskbar “CAPS LOCK ON”



I believe it’s only used for bluetooth connection state.
So far mine never lit up on any charge states.


mine did have a red color when i connected it to my V


I was under the impression that there were few LEDs doing bulk lighting, rather than individually lit keys.


you’re right

btw can someone merge this thread to the other one?


As far as I know, only all LEDs from the Backlight can be changed at the same time, so that is sadly not possible… Here are some pictures of the keyboard assembly.

More suggestions can be found here.


So, what solution is going to be implemented via a Firmware/Driver update?

Is the option to have the “Keyboard Battery LED” turned on on “Caps Lock ON” a solution?
The low battery indication could blink continuously as to remind to charge the keyboard or have it in RED color, where the Caps Lock ON in green.


AddLeds is another light weight Caps Lock and whatnot indicator for the Windows Taskar