Can we keep the Level of Frustration below 9000?


i think it’s mainly people like me who have been waiting, only heard about the V after the campaign and thus missed out on it, and are coming down to the time where we’re being given no choice but to reluctantly buy a competitor’s model.


Why so hostile every time someone suggest an improvement on communication? I think @karDEL9020 has a valid point that should be respected. After all the suggestion is to lower anxiety levels and frustration, as is the topic of this thread. It is far from what you are implying and would take about 15 minutes every week. Is that really too much to ask?


Buddy that is me being tongue in cheek and ironic something we Brits are really good at, take a chill pill and get a sense of humour :sunglasses:


Well, I don’t know you, so do you think your post is seen as humorous, especially in this thread and after a thoughtful post? Maybe add a :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: then to avoid confusion :+1:


No, to me it’s pretty obvious it was meant in jest.


I’m kind of a fan of british dry humour and your statement wasn’t that kind of stuff. Jokes are fun but what you wrote is something that here in Finland we call “vittuilu”.


I bow to your greater knowledge


but of course you do.


No meaning that you don’t think it is seen humorous? Or no you don’t see my point? I understand you see is as you will, but bear in mind others will also and that’s the problem here.


There is a pretty big German group, and as you probably know, Germans are famous for their sense of humor.


How many germans does it take to change a lightbulb? 1, we’re efficient and have no humor.
But I’m not the one complaining, I saw the sarcasm. Guess he needs to build a sign to hold up in the air for next time :smiley:


There is hope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It could still be plain humor.


Not meaning to take sides here. But just to provide a data point, I completely read your comment as tongue in cheek humor-and thoroughly enjoyed it!


I totally took that as a joke/snide remark, but then again, I live in England now and have experienced sarcasm, dry humor and friendly banter to a whole new level.


Apparently I should have put this on the end for the uninitiated :upside_down_face: but it kind of spoils the effect if you have to explain it.


Thank you so much for adding Next update pending on October 13th in The status of the project as of October 2nd, 2017! (honestly, no sarcasm!)

I think this really lowers frustration-levels, actually, it lowers mine.
As I am hardworkin’, repeatedly calling the status-URL costs a lot of time, now I know, I can simply wait until mid-October to look it up again.

In front of me is the second week this year, I hoped to be able to work on my V while on business trip. My Samsung phone will have to do that job again. I purchased a bluetooth keyboard to go with it. My business partners will have a lot of fun while asking me silly questions about the V and kindly offer to use their Surfaces and Macs if I get stuck on my old Samsung phone.

I am writing this not because I am frustrated, which I am not. I am still happy to be a tiny part of the V project. I write this to illustrate, what perks we, the idealists have to deal with.

I admire you for taking all the risks and for coping with all the problems you ran into. And I am confident, that if the V keeps his promises, you will succeed.


The line has been a part of the post for a while (it used to be under ‘Future’ until the most recent update), but it wasn’t always as specific. Whenever possible I’ve tried to put a date there, though, and I’m glad to see the effort is appreciated.

The status post made it debut in a bit of a frustrating period due to the display issues. But there will be one for every project, and I hope that they will help to keep people informed. If you have suggestions, they are of course welcome!