Can someone convince me to not return the V and buy the yoga 920


That’s true. Though FWIW, for me that is the key factor - the V is the best performing silent device. On most other aspects, it’s good but not anything special.

Well, the fact that it has almost no bloatware is another I guess.



There’s an old saying.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
You can put salt in it’s oats and if it still does not drink, then forget it.

@josc at the end of the day the decision of whatever you buy is yours and yours alone.

You have to bear the consequences of your final decision.
None of us are liable for your decision.

For my 7 cents worth, I received my V today and I am very glad that I ordered it and waited so long as a backer.

I think it’s truly a great piece of tech gear for my use.
Before the V I am a Toshiba Kira owner (i7, 8gb, ssd, hi res touch screen etc.)


I have never thought that the V might not be as good as expected, just that it is now competing with true laptops that sport very similar IO and capabilities. Back when the V was designed it was way ahead of the pack, now its just in the front grouping…

I know i will enjoy it, im just a sucker for second guessing myself


It’s called buyers remorse and is very common in a large part of the population.
I had it too, until I decided to ignore it and move on. I didn’t want to have it as a trait

It causes a lot of unnecessary emotional hurt and doubt and it always keeps people second guessing.

Now I choose to accept and move on and if the decision was wrong I change or modify now or later.
Not worth losing sleep over it, all or at least most decisions are changeable.

It was one of the things that stopped my brother progressing in business the same as I did.

He used to ask, “but what if you make a mistake?”

I answered, “So what, I learn a lesson and keep moving forward anyway and make up for it later”.


I can’t. The way I tackle this is “Why not both? (if you can economically manage it)”.

How urgent do you need a device? My tablet’s touch panel is dead, the keyboard is dead, it dies if I have more than 5 tabs in Chrome, it can’t play 1080p vids if any other .exe is running, etc. I’m currently managing with bluetooth keyboard and trackball. My screen protector and Dbrand skin have both arrived. Depending on your situation, getting another device asap might be the best choice. So, how urgent so you need a new device?


Try this link please. It has 4g lte in the device



I’ve been using the Yoga 920 since January as my daily device for work replacing my surface pro 4. I just received my Eve V today.
I must say, if it was a choice between the Eve V and the Surface Pro 4, I would probably keep the Eve V. But like you, I need more of a laptop like device with ability to easily convert it into a note taking devices.
I’ve no regret with the Yoga 920. I think it’s one of the best convertible released.
But what I would say is that having used the V for just 30 min, I must say…WOW. It’s pretty awesome. Would I replace my Yoga 920 with it? Probably not.
I am so tempted to keep it, but I don’t think it’ll get used enough and I can’t justify it.

Side note, what makes me like the V more than the Surface Pro 4:

  • the keyboard - the wireless function, the multi colour led lights and the magnetic closure
  • fingerprint sensor is quick and accurate. So much faster and quicker than the Yoga 920


To be honest my desperation at needing a new device doesnt seem nearly as dire as your own position.

Basically most of my usb ports are failing and the headphone jack only partially works when you get it in just the right position and the battery will die about 10 minutes after I leave a wall socket. But otherwise it functions fine and would make an excellent weapon should I need to defend myself from a wild boar. Its not “urgent” and buyers remorse could cover some of what I feel but how many times do you put down money on a piece of tech and then wait nearly a year and a half. I’m just reevaluating given I was never quite in the V target market because of my needs, but the V still did what I needed better than anything else at the time. I still see lots of surfaces being used by colleagues so i guess they are perfectly tenable in my line of work.


Hey aarick,
Can you possibly give me more negatives on the yoga? both in comparison to the V and as a device itself. Does it get loud under load? is it in any way “cumbersome”. People in this thread have noted that the “silence” of the V is not to be underestimated and that my past makes me unable to judge the value of weight saving.

I really appreciate your input given the devices you currently have.


I don’t have a Yoga 920 (as I said earlier, only a 700 with capacitive screen), anyway, the “negatives” compared to the V for me would be,
===> not able to separate the screen from the keyboard.
I think this is a negative only for people who use their tablet as drawing device…
Still the most important one - for me.


glad to hear you’re faring better than me, though headphone jack only working partially is a great minus in my book. Anyway, the only reason I haven’t gotten an LG Gram 2018 or XPS13 2018 is that I don’t have the cash flow to do so.

On the brightside, I’ve got my tracking number, what about you?


no tracking number or any indication yet, but i didnt expect it by midnight sunday. Its been too many "just round the corner"s for me to put any weight to it, besides i know im in a very small fraction that havent got any information yet so while I’m disappointed i understand they cant serve everyone at once. I just wish they would stop stating times and dates as if they are set in stone unless they know that to be the case.


Hey Josc…
Bit hard to find negative for the 920 as I really like it a lot and nothing I would consider replacing it with atm (maybe the surface book 2, but I’ve never tried that before)…
but if I have to be nitpicky:
-the fingerprint sensor is slow and not very accurate
-I prefer the ntrig surface pen compared to the wacom aes. Mainly for the eraser and the extra friction on the rubberised tip. The V ntrig pen feels just like the wacom aes…which i also do not like.
-they should have some rubber grommet installed on the keyboard side. In tablet mode, it’s lying flat on the frame (I’ve installed vinyl over it to help prevent scratches)
-no microusb slot
-can’t get it to sit on a slight angle when in tablet mode for writing
-maybe the keyboard needed a bit more travel on them, but I’m used to it now and doesn’t bother me at all anymore…

To answer your questions of is it loud…not loud but you can definitely hear the fan…but only under heavy load. But I dun push my device hard so I set the max cpu to 99% stopping it from going into turbo mode and the fan hardly comes on. The fan blows out of the hinges instead of the bottom like most laptops…which is something I can’t stand on most laptops as i can’t use it when lying it on the bed or sofa…
Cumbersome? not really. The bezels are tiny on it and it’s thin and light. Really needed the extra screen size, that’s why I switch to the yoga…for me it’s perfect…15" too big…anything 13" and below is too small…
Hated the kickstand of the surface and wanted a laptop style device so this suits me…I find the surface and hence the V more cumbersome when I try using it placed on my lap…
The v’s kickstand needed a bit more angle…closer to surface pro would have been good…

Hope that helps…


U cant use your device as a dumbbell for workout if u choose yoga


Probably coming to this topic late, but if you have any opportunity to avoid buying the eve, you should do so. I received mine in March got almost 2 weeks of use out of the device before the kickstand broke. I opened a support case about a month ago and have received one reply, but zero etas on a replacement. 2 weeks after that I noticed issues with the screen coating (I haven’t neglected or mistreated the device and use it approx 2 hours a day).

From reading their forums, this lack of communication and long lead time for replacements or resolution so issues is not an uncommon experience .

The Eve is a deeply mediocre product with an ever increasing lead time, poor build quality and worse support, and my experience has been hugely underwhelming. If you haven’t got yours yet, consider it a bullet dodged and buy a yoga. or a surface. or anything that comes from a company who are able to support their product.


Quite normal to be unsatisfied about your V experience up till now, who shouldn’t?
But seeing the overall picture (what I read) there are roughly three V’s with (solvable and unsolvable) problems on every hundred delivered V’s.
As about everyone who received a V functioning below his expectations will post about it, those who got a normally functioning V do not post often about it. Why should they, you got what you asked for, what is more normal.

So statistically on every 3 “V is crap people”, there are 97 “V is OK people”
In this light “the V is a deeply mediocre product” conclusion is more emotional nourished than by the facts.

The real problem (as far as I read) is an in general negative perception of the support experience by those waiting for delivery as well those waiting that their V-problem will be solved.

Honesty obliges us to recognize that unsatisfied people are in general way more vocal than satisfied people, so they are quite present in the community topics.
Statistically over presented, but still coping with a real life problem: their V does not function as expected.

Even after all the correct explanations about the all because-why’s their problem is still nagging them.

deep sigh . . .


So statistically on every 3 “V is crap people”, there are 97 “V is OK people”
In this light “the V is a deeply mediocre product” conclusion is more emotional nourished than by the facts.

The real problem (as far as I read) is an in general negative perception of the support experience by those waiting for delivery as well those waiting that their V-problem will be solved.

Issues with 3% of devices within ~1 month seems high to me but I could be wrong.

Regardless, I stand by my description of this device as mediocre. It’s not an emotional lashing out (though I am frustrated by Eve’s poor support and communication) - the device is not in any way special. The build quality is below par in my experience (and I believe in the experience of other users). It’s mediocre to use also - the keyboard occasionally stops responding when still connected, the screen will occasionally react to an accidental touch by thinking the pen is active and producing ghost touches on the screen requiring a reboot. As well as having an extremely poor experience with support, my user experience has been underwhelming as well.

Even after all the correct explanations about the all because-why’s their problem is still nagging them.

Correct explanations don’t fix the user’s problems, or give them usable machines. 3% of backers waited ~18 months for an order that was either incomplete or unfit for purpose and are now struggling with an unresponsive support organisation. I think it’s reasonable in these circumstances to make prospective buyers aware of what they may be letting themselves in for.


The Surface tablets all had similar problems with glitchy software when they were first sold, it took years in some cases to fix those bugs. If it took Microsoft-- a well established market leading company-- that long, don’t you think it’s fair to give Eve a chance to iron things out?


The difference was how Microsoft dealt with user’s issues and quality (or lack of it in case of EVE team) of support.