Can anyone share the default wallpaper?


Love this type of wallpaper!



I would also love this!


yes please! this one


? no one can share this wallpaper?

Thanks in advance!


It’s entirely possible this is a Spotlight image, in which case there are many ways to find it (I recommend Spot bright on the Windows store).

Considering this was used in advertising though, it’s more likely Eve had to get permission from the photographer and can’t redistribute.


i have seen many websites share the oem wallpapers, including the big ones like the verge…etc without any problem.

doubt it has anything to do with the permissions.

one thing that no need to doubt with is this wallpaper is am excellent choice showcasing the gorgeous display of the V


I love this wallpaper, too!
Let me add the one with black background from the old V webpage.


im trying to find it also, but i think someone said it was part of Win10 - i haven’t had any luck either though and i did try a reverse image search. Maybe @UNDERDOG knows?