Buy the product without Windows license - Linux only?


Would it be possible to buy the product without Windows to save on costs?

I’d be interested in saving some money, as I have Windows licenses already, and don’t see the need to pay for them again. Alternatively, I may consider running this with Linux only.


One of the Eve Guys said somewhere this was not possible right now, but it could be possible later tk buy it without OS.

Regarding Linux read the FAQ:


Thanks for the reply … I’m not expecting them to support Linux.

But my inquiry is about saving some more money and buying the system without a Windows license to save even more, and am wondering if that is possible?


As he said: Yes, but not atm, we have to wait for sales through their webstore (which is still in progress).


I can assure you Eve is looking into providing the option of getting the Eve V without any OS. No promises though.