Build your ideal display

Size: 27(or 32)
Resolution: 1440p
Panel type: IPS
Refresh rate: 240+
Bezel size: Don't care :,)
Curved? Preferable no.
Touch? No.
Interface: 2x DP
Embedded component: G-Sync Premium(I don't like FreeSync), USB Hub(3.0 and USB-C)

Pretty much I just want the Spectrum QHD 240hz with G-Sync and not Freesync…
Really wish they would make it optional to order one with it :slight_smile: Wouldnt mind paying more for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m looking for pretty much what is under development but would like to see curved versions of the flat screens to compliment each other and to allow different combinations of multiscreen setups.
Such as: Curved-Flat-Curved or Flat-Curved-Flat … or other combinations of multi-monitor setups.

Considering the market, I think the Spectrum 27" 4k @144hz IPS is perfect but just needs a curved cousin. The other 2 models are also great and could also benefit from curved cousins.
Size: 27"
Resolution: 2k @144hz, 2k @ 240hz and 4k @144hz+
Panel type: IPS
Refresh rate: 144Hz +
Bezel size: No bezel or very little for multi-monitor setups - Maybe develop a way to attach two monitors together by removing the bezel on each side (if technology allows) and securing the monitors together at various angles.
Curved? Yes
Touch? No
Interface: Latest DP and HDMI standards
Embedded component: Both G-Sync and Freesync Premium Pro capable. More USB-C. Daisychaining for multiple monitor setups. VESA Mount Capabilities of course.


Are curved displays still a thing? Looks to me like manufacturers have dialed down curved screens on monitors.

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For example new Samsung odyssey g7 and g9, these are still a thing


I’m a fan of 16:10, and tbh, I totally forgot it existed. (Looks my 16:10 monitor “sorry”) the only change I’d propose is maybe go for VA with a Quantum Dot layer. That’d obviously be more expensive, but pretty cool

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Size: 27"
Resolution: 3840x2160
Panel type: OLED
Refresh rate: 165
Bezel size: small
Curved: no
Touch: no
Interface: 2x DP 2.1 + HDMI 2.1 + USB Hub + Fastcharging USB (for phone charging) + USB-C
Embedded component: JBL Speaker + OSD + VESA mount + Qi wireless charger.
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5120x1600 32:10 50" 144hz mini led r1000/1500

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Size: 24 inches
Resolution: 2560*1440
Panel type: Samsung Amoled
Refresh rate: 240hz
Bezel size: Inexistant
Curved? No
Touch? N-Trig touch capacity for pen
Interface: 1x DP2.1, Fastcharge USB, USB-C
Embedded component: Bang&Olufsen speakers(like in the hp spectre lineup), Vesa 100x mount.
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