Build your ideal display

  • Size: 24" to 27"
  • Resolution: 1080p to 1440p
  • Panel type: IPS/Nano IPS/AMOLED
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz minimum to 200Hz ideal (or 165Hz native and 180-200Hz overclock)
  • Bezel size: Super thin
  • Curved? No
  • Touch? Maybe since I have a physical disability
  • Interface: DP 1.4, HDMI 2.1, USB-C
  • Embedded component: Good mount
  • Size: ≥27 <37 inches
  • Resolution: 2880p (gives wide support for integer ratios e.g. 1440p/960p/720p/576p/480p/360p/320p/288p/240p)
  • Panel type: Preferably emissive (gloss screen) otherwise IPS with gloss screen.
  • Refresh rate: ≥120 VRR compatible
  • Bezel size: as small as possible
  • Curved? No
  • Touch? No
  • Interface: Anything that observes HDMI or DP protocols
  • Embedded component: PSU,VESA mount

This is not what I would say ideal, but something I would love to see in 2019/2020:

  • Size: 24’’+, 34’’+ if ultrawide
  • Resolution: 2560 × 1440 / 3440 × 1440
  • Panel type: Anything that fits the requirements, be it VA, IPS or OLED
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz+
  • Bezel size: 5mm or lower
  • Curved? if ultrawide then yes
  • Touch? Optional, not a must-have
  • Interface: HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 2.0, USB-C, 3.5 mm for HDMI audio, 1-2 USB-A/C at the bottom/side could be useful
  • Embedded component: VESA mount in the centre (looking at you Samsung)
  • Others:
    • DCI-P3 98%+
    • HDR10+, DisplayHDR 600+/500 True Black
    • FreeSync 2
    • Consistent colours and brightness
    • Close to IPS viewing angle

-27 inches
-full hd

Speakers build in the display like sony a1

Im late to the party, but!

I would love a Spectrum 4k display that essentially has all the features that the Current 27 inch Spectrum will have, but with 3840*2160p (4k) resolution and low latency pixel perfect integer scaling!

This way, we can have the desktop/media consumption benefits of high 4k resolution AND run our games at 1080p and have them integer scaled to 4k for high framerates without loss of video quality!

Using the same HDR 1000 AUO Panel used on the ASUS PG27UQX would be a nice plus for this!
Sticking with Adaptive Sync instead of the gsync module and not inlcuding the stand, could make it a very attractive product.

size: 32" ultra wide
resolution: 1920 +
panel: OLED
refresh: 90Hz +
bezel: thin as possible on sides
curved: don’t care
touch: no
interface: HDMI, USB C
misc: I doubt windows hello works on a desktop with separate monitor but would be nice if possible

Size: Single 27" or Super ultra wide that acts like 3 27" screens real-estate.

Resolution: 4k for 27" and for super ultra wide whatever gets me over 200ppi

Panel type: OLED is first choice second is micro-LED
Refresh rate: 120 preferred, 90 otherwise.

Bezel size: 27" as small as possible, to include the dark space around the monitor even if the actual bezel is extremely thin. Super ultra wide, as long as the top and bottom are thin, I could care less (within reason) about the size of the sides.

Curved: 27"-preferred, Super Ultra wide- yes

Touch: don’t care

Interface: Input - 2 thunderbolt 3/4? with 100 watts power delivery or USB 4.0 when it comes out, USB hub, 2 display port 2.0, 3 hdmi 2.0, Optical audio out.

Embedded component: dolby vision support, g-sync, widows Hello/camera/(mic optional) but have privacy slide built in that when closed those modules do not receive power/data. Vesa mount, ambient light sensor. Also ability to split the super ultra wide to do things like make windows see 3 27" monitors, or picture in picture.

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The currently listed features for the Spectrum are exactly what I want right now, but I would like something like this in the coming decade:

  • Size: 49"
  • Resolution: 7680x2160
  • Panel type: MicroLED
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz
  • Bezel size: Nil
  • Curved: Yes
  • Touch: Sure
  • Interface: All the common ports
  • Embedded component: Under display Windows Hello facial recognition
  • Size: 27’’
  • Resolution:1440p
  • Panel type: IPS
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz or higher
  • Bezel size: As thin as possible
  • Curved? : Nope
  • Touch? : Nope
  • Interface: Display port, HDMI, USB-C
  • Embedded component: VESA mount and a feel good OSD

This would be on a laptop or maybe a detachable
Size:13.3 inch
Panel type:oled or very bright and sharp ips
Refresh rate: 120hz or higher
Bezel size: small like around the xps maybe bigger by a bit
Curved : maybe a little
Touch: yes if matte
And I dunno the rest😂

minimal side bezles is a MUST! i don’t care if they have to fold the edges of oled display behind

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would also like front firing speakers on the sides with down firing bass on the bottom for great audio that could outdo generic medium cheap speakers

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I’ve been shopping monitors for a bit lately to replace my current displays and move up in size. I currently have a Dell U2413 and an HP LP2475W. I’d like something that would perform better for gaming with VRR, and

For a semi-realistic ultrawide monitor with a few additional wishes, I’d love something like this:

  • Size: 49" 32:9 or 32:10
  • Resolution: 5120x1440 or 5120x1600… maybe 4K level resolution (7680x2160 or 2400)
  • Panel type: Most likely IPS, would like REC 2020 gamut, 10 bit panel (8bit + should be fine), as close to 1000:1 contrast ratio (or higher) as possible. If only I could get the benefits of VA and IPS in one panel.
  • Refresh rate: up to 144Hz with VRR and LFC
  • Bezel size: minimal on top and sides
  • Curved: yes, for a single 49" wide monitor, curved would be preferred
  • Touch: no
  • Interface: dual displayport, dual HDMI, USB C whatever
  • Embedded component: G-Sync module is optional I think, as long as it’s at least FreeSync 2 level and G-Sync compatible. Windows Hello camera would be neat.

bonus: Must support dual displayport inputs for picture-by-picture, would be great if VRR/FreeSync/GSync would work independently on both halves of the monitor then, but I don’t think anyone is doing that and doubt if that’d even really be possible, without more complex brains in the monitor itself.

That said since I’m looking at the LG LG 27gl850 and waiting to see on the viewsonic elite xg270qg as well, and I know the Spectrum is using the same panel, here’s a slight tweak to make that panel be the ideal choice for me:

  • Size: 27" 16:10
  • Resolution: 2560x1600
  • Panel type: IPS, REC.2020 wide gamut, >1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz, VRR, LFC (FreeSync 2/GSync-Compatible)
  • Bezel size: as thin as possible on top and sides
  • Curved: no
  • Touch: no
  • Interface: Display port, HDMI, USB C, etc
  • Embedded component: eh