BT security improvement and/or WiFi


I know that what I’m going to say is that it’s an OS responsibility but still…
Since V is a mobile product, which is a bit different if you use you BT keyboard with your desktop in your home, V will be a target for those who will be using it with sometimes sensitives informations in a IT environment. But we can also imagine the investigators journalists or sensitive administration’s employees or even secretaries,… who will manipulate sensitive informations as well.
I think, for those who are working in IT, we are all aware for BT threats and even sometimes WIFI and how easy (for BT) it’s to hack those things and even from far away than 10 meters with the right equipment.
Maybe we could put a team together to look how we could improve things from a security level because we can’t just rely on using QubesOS all the time, we will have to use Windows as well too from time to time.
After saying that, it would be great for those who have the time, to see if V is working correctly with qubes 3.2 just to know if we have to ask to qubes list to add support for that or this device.