[BRAINSTORMING] How did you get your last device broken?


SP2 - loose screen (similar to bug issue)
SP3 - bad battery
SP4 - burned out LED on one side (still have this one, out of warranty when I found it)
dead wifi

scratched screen
broken screen
broken kickstand
broken/damaged port (e.g. bend pin, loose/disconnected)
missing keys on keyboard
ripped torn fabric


Currently, what is the dead and stuck pixel policy that Eve is willing to assume in selling the V? Will there be a minimum threshold of allowed dead and stuck pixels? Or can an owner RMA their device in the event of any dead or stuck pixels appearing while it is still within the warranty period?


Warranty has only been HDD (old school rotating platters)

Repair - always a screen break after dropping :frowning:


Knock on wood… I did not really have warranty/repair cases with my laptops yet.

One exception:

  • for my Dell XPS 13 the mainboard died, and as it was still within the 3 year global warranty I purchased a technician came out and replaced it

Other than that:

  • Asus UX31A: the charger cable broke due to the angled connector (after warranty though) and I bought a new charger
  • Asus UX31A: the SSD died (after warranty) and I replaced it with an adapter and a MX300

Phones however I’m not so lucky:
iPhone 4: camera did not react anymore (module broke), home button did not react anymore, replacement device had scratches out of the box
iPhone 5s: display showing light pink tone, battery charging not always working flawlessly which would heat up the device to not be able to hold it anymore
Google Pixel: device completely died and was not able to power up anymore
–> all cases were handled through warranty and the phones replaced each instance

  1. Warranty cases
    What are the most common warranty issues that happend to devices you purchased before?

-I had a Dell laptop HD die under warranty. It happened about 5 years ago and their support process was so bad I swore I’d never buy another Dell product…and I haven’t. Still won’t.

What in your opinion could happen to V that would be a warranty case?
-I think this has been well covered

  1. Repairs (meaning unfortunately you broke your V )
    What are the most common repair cases that happend to devices you purchased before?
    -I dropped a Samsung Galaxy S3 cracking the screen.
  • I’ve also had the physical and capacitive buttons fail on my wife’s Galaxy S6 phone. With the capacitive button, it didn’t fail to work but rather the LED backlight failed.

What in your opinion could happen to V that would be a non-warranty case case?
-I would point out that not all non-warranty issues are caused by the user. Sometimes it’s normal wear and tear. Sometimes it’s failure of parts outside of warranty period. For instance, what if LED lights on keyboard backlight start to fail in 3rd year.


Battery Issues, battery degrades fast because of frequent full charging and partial charging from half to full
would be good to have an option not to fully charge the battery when connected to power frequently.
Sony and Dell implemented battery friendly charging strategies.


The V bypasses the battery, when connected and fully charged.


I have got an addition to broken PSUs which appearantly are no warranty cases:
Bent power poles after leaning on the Adapter while it was plugged in:

I hope that it will be possible in the future to buy a non-wall V charger (maybe even with two ports to charge your phone).