Bluetooth LE audio

A while ago the Bluetooth SIG announced Bluetooth LE audio. Is this being looked into for the development of Muse?

It will probably take a while for the BLE audio spec to be complete and released, but I wouldn’t mind waiting for at least some compatible hardware and the ability to update the firmware so it’s possible to use the new technology once it’s released. I think being an early adopter of this technology could also be a great selling point which I think is important in the ridiculously over saturated market of wireless headphones.

The video in the link was very informative, and has me excited for LE Bluetooth; with its new low power and high quality LC3 codec, support for multiple audio streams and hearing aids, and broadcast audio that allows multiple people to listen to the same source.

I would be more excited if they mentioned the headset use-case for high-quality, low-latency bi-directional audio streams, but all they say is “multiple audio streams” with the primary use-cases being truly wireless (airpods-style) earbuds and hearing aids. So it’s not sure if bidirectional audio will be supported.

The current state of Bluetooth headsets is terrible. Bluetooth SIG not addressing this use-case makes me a bit anxious.