Bluethooth limited to 3 devices? does that include Alcantra keyboard?


So, I saw somewhere there was a limit of 3 devices the Eve could talk to on bluetooth at once. So, my question is, can I use it with bluetooth: keyboard, mouse, and speakers? that would be 3 devices which I would think would be ok; but how does the Alcantra keyboard count? If I just leave it attached, does it not count? does it matter?


I’m confused… Can you show me what you’re referring to? Because it sounds to me that you’re mistaking the V for the keyboard. :slight_smile:
I think that you can connect the keyboard to three different devices (not simultaneously, but you can keep them “saved” on the keyboard for quick connection).
The V should, like all other devices I know, only be able to connect to one Bluetooth device at a time, but “save” hundreds (? at least many) for quicker connection.

Hope, I’m right :confounded:

Edit: I wasn’t and I’m actually happy about it :smiley:


I think you’re partially right. Perhaps the keyboard is limited to connecting (or remembering) to 3 devices and likely the V itself can communicate with > 3 Bluetooth devices at once just like a normal laptop like my MacBook Pro.


The keyboard, Alcantara or not, will only be able to pair with a maximim of three devices, but you may only use the keyboard for one device at a time.


Hi @jlorance!

I think there’s been a small misunderstanding!

According to my knowledge due to the V going with Bluetooth 4.2 you can have multiple devices paired without any issues (I can confirm this for at least 2 - I don’t have more lying around my home :smiley: )

The 3 devices you were mentioning are from the keyboard - you can have your keyboard devices with up to 3 devices at once so you don’t have to always repair it when you e.g. want to use it on your phone :wink:


Hi all -

So if I am reading this right the keyboard can pair with 3 devices, but can be actively connected and feeding keystrokes to one device at time, which makes sense to me. What is the key combination or procedure to change between connection between device 1 to device 2? Same question but to put the keyboard in pairing mode to add a third device for example? Last but not least, if we wanted to replace one of the already paired devices, is there a procedure for deleting a specific paired device (or does it just delete the oldest paired device to make room for a new third device?)


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Yes, I think you read that right. The Eve can pair with any number of devices and seems to be happy being actively connected to many at once.


to switch between paired devices press fn+1/2/3