Blind dude needs help

Hey guys, sorry for needing to make a thread about this😂. But I can’t find the updated post which was supposed to be online yesterday. Can anybody give me a link to it?

Hi, there was no new news post yesterday, which post do you search?

Quality check will be done by 20th. I expect no news till then. If they send the screens to their screen bonding partner on Thursday I personally expect further information.

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Konsta mentioned an update on 14.06 and another with further information for 16.06 I can’t remember in which post exactly

@Patrick_Hentschel we will update on Monday. I think I said that screen update will happen from 14th to 16th. I just added few days to 14th in case if for some reason shipment would be delayed. But it arrived on time this Wednesday and now we will inspect them on Monday.


Things were scheduled to happen on the 14th, and an update would follow on the 16th at the latest. As things happened, the update was already out on the 14th, right as things went down.

New stuff is scheduled to happen on the 19th, and an update will follow on the 20th at the latest.

We’ll provide estimates of when we’ll update the community, and we’ll try to keep those conservative. If we tell people “stuff will happen on the 14th and there’ll be an update then”, people will start asking why there is no update yet, 00:01 am on the 14th. So we have to manage expectations. In this case, we were able to provide the update much faster, but that won’t always be the case…

You can find the update you’re looking for here:

You can also always find an up-to-date status report, including when the next community update is expected, here:


Oh thanks, then I misunderstood that!


I get the feeling that he meant it more along the lines of “I’m sure the post is around here somewhere, but I can’t see it: I must be blind.” Still, thanks for offering your expertise. That’s how the community works!


Yeah sorry for any misunderstandings! I am not blind, just that blind as @Helios mentioned.


Yeah, it didn’t come across that way.