"Black/White Beta" & "Experimental" Themes



As some of you may know, we have a Dark theme for the forum.

I tried that theme for a little while. Then I decided it wasn’t dark enough for me and made my own.

At first it was just a colour scheme. Or “lack of colour” scheme. It is essentially just grey, black and white with red for warnings and green for success.

That theme is now available as “Black/White Beta” Theme.

Compared to the default theme, the “Black/White Beta” features the old staff highlight style and has the fade when entering topics removed.

Some time later I had the time to do stuff with the theme to have it actually live up to the name. And over time, there have been quite a number of things done with it to match how I personally use the community. As such it may be an acquired taste.

That theme is the “Experimental” theme.

The differences between “Black and White theme” and “Experimental” are as follows:

Common (both desktop and mobile):

  • The scroll bar is grey on black background.

  • The visited topics on the home pages are darker.

  • The banner has a bloody V in it.

  • The banner has no dismiss button.

  • The latest, new, unread, top, categories, support and eve-tech.com links are removed from the hamburger menu.

  • Tags are hidden.

  • The line at the bottom of the screen is removed

  • The top menu also has a link to watched topics

Desktop exclusive:

  • The New Topic button uses material design (kind of).

  • The New Topic button in the category pages and the search page is removed.

  • The Header Search bar is aligned right instead of left.

  • The category breadcrumbs are removed.

  • The highlighted link to the current/ active home page is removed. Meaning, if you are on latest, latest will not show as an option.

  • The avatar is dimmed for all but the latest poster in a topic on the home pages.

  • The border and box shadow that appears if the first poster in a topic is also the latest is removed.

Mobile exclusive:

  • The New Topic button is removed.

If any of these are unclear, I can provide screenshots clarifying them. Or you can try the theme and look for them.

This list may (will) change, but I will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

If there are things on “Experimental” that you would like to see on the other themes as well, do tell, and we can see about implementing them.

And if there are things you wonder why I have done as I have, feel free to ask. I have an explanation for all.

There is all this talk about themes. But how do you actually change your theme? Let me walk you through it:

Click the hamburger menu.
Select the theme you want from the third section.

If you want to set it as default on all your devices:
Click on your icon in the upper right corner of the screen
Select Preferences image in the top right corner of the menu that pops up
Go to interface (link on the side on desktop, use the right drop down menu on mobile)
Select the theme you want to use from the drop down menu
Make sure the “Make this my default theme on all my devices” is checked.
Scroll down and click save

Or go to https://eve.community/my/preferences/interface and follow the last three points.
(I love that Discourse uses nice urls)

Or use @iKirin’s instructions here (Essentially what I said above, but it has a picture with arrows)


Giving your black and white theme a shot now - I do prefer darker themes myself so thank you :smiley:


I use the dark theme (beta). the nawthor theme is too strong in my eyes on the PC.
Can I use the nawthor theme only mobile and continue on the PC the dark theme?


Love the black and white theme! But I would make the eve in the upper left corner a little bit lighter. And I’d prefer greyer normal letters, but that would kill the idea of black and white, I guess.

Edit: That white heart :ok_hand:


I second that. Looks beautiful and with the little adjustments @SyrtakiVampir suggested it would be perfect for me :ok_hand:


Yes. Discourse support selecting themes per-device. So just uncheck the “Make this my default theme on all my devices” and select away.

That I can do.

I’ll can try it to see how it would look.


I know it’s not related to the themes mentioned above, but it’d be nice if the default theme showed the eve logo when you scrolled down. At the moment, if I’m not logged in, I have to scroll all the way to the top before I can get back to the main thread list.

Edit: I probably should’ve just made that it’s own thread in Forum Feedback… Ah well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried both and they are nice, I prefer the dark beta one though. I missed the orange accents too much :slight_smile:


I can’t change the theme on my mobile. As soon as I tap the drop down field for theme selection, my keyboard comes up and the drop down closes :thinking:


If you are on android, it should be a known and fixed issue. Just need to wait for Discourse to roll out the update here.



There are two options for this. I can copy the colour scheme and modify the primary colour (I will keep it white on “nawthor toying with stuff”). This may also affect how other colours appear.
Or I can implement a little tweak that makes stuff look like this:

But this is a change that would push the Black and White Theme to beta status, as I have not tested this tweak enough.
The composer also has white text, but I can make that grey as well if people want.

This requires us to redo the header. It is something I personally want to do, as I think the only link that is actually useful is the Home one, which can easily be put into the hamburger menu.

It’s on my list, but it might a take a while.

And I also need to say this:

If you don’t agree with any of the changes proposed or discussed here, speak up. I have no way of knowing if people dislike the proposed changes if I never see anyone say so.


I’ve also added hamburger theme selector to all the themes, so you can now change your themes from the hamburger menu.


The only thing darker than black would be a black hole. Nah I’m kidding. Putting the hyperlinks in grey might be a bit more difficult to see, to be honest.


I really like your black and white theme but I have one problem with it. I don’t know if it was already there yesturday but today I’ve noticed a flickering of the grey lines above and under a post when srolling up or down. It’s even more visible at the grey citation boxes.

I don’t know if it ist just on my phone but maybe you can have a look at it :blush:


Using “nawthor toying with stuff.”
Me likey!!


Super great look, Thank you @nawthor.
Sooooooo much easier for already tired eyes working half night long.
By the way, white led (screen) light hinders the production of melanin in our brains (based on the believe that everyone has one :hushed:).

Melanine: one needs to be able to fall easily asleep.

There could be a significant link between the amount of nightly posts appearing in the Eve community and an over-exposure to led screen light the writers are exposed to. :roll_eyes:


Hard choice, but I settled on Black and White. The only thing I miss is the blue lettering in the default theme that shows what notifications I have not interacted with (under the user profile photo drop-down). Would you be able to modify this? It doesn’t have to be blue, just something to differentiate unread notifications from read). This is not a need but a nice-to-have. I can live without it. Thanks!


Liking the black and white theme. Thank you Sir!


I’m not sure, if it’s a bug, but the regular text (the stuff that other members write) is now white again for me. But I really like the changes you made to black and white!


I’ve tested it myself on two phones and three computer screens and had some other people look for it. Unable to repro. If you could give me some details about your phone I might be able to figure something out, but there’s no guarantee.

Does this happen only on the Black and White theme, or the Experimental one as well? How about the Dark Theme?

I am looking into it. I’ll get back to this when I’ve figured it out.

I never implemented the tweak to darken the text previously. But now I have.

And with it, the theme is now Black/White Beta.
If stuff is broken or stuff that looks of, do tell.

And I’ve renamed “nawthor toying with stuff” to “Experimental” (scary name, I know, if you have suggestions I am open to hear), to avoid the theme selector in the hamburger menu being unreasonably large.