Beta BIOS to avoid the device waking up by accidental keyboard/mouse input

Shenlong’s w10 activation problem is new to me.
As far as I remember (please correct me if wrong) there were no similar problems reported.
So it ends up as being your own. decision :wink:
If your V runs OK, it may be better to wait a bit ("If it ain’t broke don’t fix it ")

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I upgraded to the beta bios and then downgraded cause I liked the old boot screen. I didn’t have any w10 activation problem after downgrade.

I’ve been running the beta bios since it was released and haven’t had any issues with Windows Activation.

The Windows site asked me to call Microsoft and a link to buy a new Windows 10 license. Well played, Microsoft.

I actually like the beta BIOS. Very low chance of touchscreen issues when I resume from Standby.

@Xinjie - when can we expect official (non beta) 0.41?
You promised one in June :wink:


Ok. Contacted Microsoft. They remote my system to try to re-activate and failed. Since it is a private activation, they requested me to get the private key from manufacturer to activate the Windows.

I am putting the microsoft case open. Let’s hope I can resolve it asap.