Best way to attach external screen+ports to V?


In preparation to swap my old MacBook Pro out for the V, I’m considering some new USB-C accessories. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good and affordable “docking-station like” kind of single connection to the USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port in order to:

  • Drive an external screen
  • Charge the V at the same time
  • Provide additional USB-C ports?

All this in the spirit of having a single connection when I sit at my desk.


There has been a discussion about USB C docks here: USB-C docks - Discussion in case you haven’t seen it.


Some of the USB-C/TB 3 monitor has usb hub built in. Those usually cost a bit more, but might fit your need. Asus, Benq, LG, Samsung just to name a few.


This may be a good resource for you: