Benchmarks of the CPU for Lightroom use (export mainly)



Hi, really interested in the project and this thing will probably be my next laptop to replace my aging Surface 3 Pro. I’m looking for some info about benchmarks of the CPU for Lightroom use, specifically for exporting photos that is quite a chore on my i5 S3P as it will throttle the clock speed down fairly quickly because of the thermal limit (after exporting about 30-40 files from 20MP raw photos).

Does anyone have a Eve V prototype and could do a benchmark test for say exporting 100-150 RAW photos from Lightroom to 2048px JPEG and measure the time it took? Or if this is not possible is there any good links to some general benchmarks of the processors compared to i5 and i7 variants used in Surface Pro 3 or 4.


If you have a question regarding the prototypes, you should ping @Prototypetester :grinning:


I offered to test this but didn’t get chosen for a prototype.

However I think there was a guy doing a pre launch review who’s been allowed to get his hands on a unit because #famous so maybe drop them a message about it? :slight_smile:


This #famous guy was one of the reasons Sharp got interest in eve providing the displays directly without middleman.


Who was the #famous person?

Glad to hear although it wasn’t fair it was beneficial to eve in the end :slight_smile:


here you go :slight_smile:


It was beneficial to me in the end because as a Hyper Early Bird I will get a better screen for the same price.
It was beneficial for all because there will be screens at all.


Good explanation and breakdown :slight_smile: