Battery test and why the Battery Capacity is not the same as the Pro 7 plus?

Hi Eve, have you made a Battery Test? What I saw the Battery size is less than the Surface Pro 7 and way less than the Surface Pro 7+ (11th gen Intel). It will be good to know what Battery life we can calculate before I (we) order or the Battery size is not final?
Pro 7 = 43.2Wh (Design Capacity and 10th Intel)
Pro 7+ = 50.4Wh (11th Intel same as Eve2)
eve2 = 41.3Wh
I mean, the Eve2 has a bigger and brighter screen and a 4k+ resolution. But, was there not enough space for a bigger battery? That is the only downside on Eve 2 that I see at the moment.


I am wondering the exact same thing. What is the exact capacity in watt hours?


The Value is from eve’s homepage: 41.3 watt hours.

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