Bamboo Ink for the V


Hey Eve Folks out there,

I’ve looked around for some alternatives to the V-pen, because I personally don’t like the tip of the V-pen.

My latest order was the [Bamboo Ink]( and it costs like 60€ . Additionally to the pen was the tip kit that included 1 soft, 1 medium and 1 hard tip for the pen. It also has 3 buttons, one right click, one eraser and one for starting programs and functions like the surface pen have it. The button on the back of the pen is a little jiggly and may be clicked accidently, but I’m fine with that.

All in all for me is the writing experience with the soft tip really awesome and it’s working great with the V.
Also it has a nice shape for my hands (size 8-9) and it has a soft feeling.

I think it’s a lot cheaper than the surface pen (that doesn’t even have tips to change) and for me it’s the better choice.

I hope I’ve could helped some of you with my experiences.



Surface Pen (2017) is about 75€ atm. and has 3 different tips to change which are categorized like pencil hardness B, HB and H… I’m actually working with a SP4 pen with my V which has 4 tips to choose… 2H, H, HB and B… I’m completely used to have the rubber end to delete things and won’t miss that function…


Careful with this. The back button is only secured by a super tiny snap fit Joints. Mine was tangled to a string somewhere, and the button broke off instantly.


you sure you talk about the Bamboo pen??

@eraser: I prefer the button eraser to the surface top eraser, but that’s just personal…

also I prefer by far the Bamboo over the Surface pen… all in all…