Bad V pen - Holder detaches from pen --> Broken


So I got an answer, that my pen would be replaced. I am very thankful


i’ve already sent 2 emails to support…2 weeks ago. and no answer.
@Team can anyone help me out with this?


Exactly the same just happened to me


Mine has another weekness, see picture…
The split in the cap seems to have been produced by sticking the pen in a pocket. Now it’s not tight enough to stay on the pen. Fixed it with some paper tape fro now, but it seems to be caused rather by inappropriate material than by abnormal forces. - Contacted support, will see…

(The wooden stick is a brush I carefully put in to show the split. Hard enough to shoot this pic with two hands only…)


i contacted support a month ago. They told me, that they will send a new pen to me.

Today, i didn’t received a shipping confirmation and the support doesen’t answer to my messages… Little bit annoying.


Hi Oernifly,
the support keeps me waiting without no further comment for some days by now, as well.
Interestingly, I was first served (with a standard mail answer) by “Veli”, but after a week (sort of the same mail again) by Konstantinos “himself”. None of them saying I was getting a replacement, though. - Anyway, to me, this looks like they’re overloaded with support requests…
I’ll just wait and see since I have fixed the cap with a work around of paper tape for now.


Today support picked up my case and sent me this:

But nevertheless, we’ll start arranging you a new pen and as it’s shipped differently, you might not get a notification when it’s being shipped.

I’m fine with getting a new pen (which I’ll have to treat even more carefully than the first one), but the announcement saying I wouldn’t be informed when (or if) it’s being shipped is a little weird…
We’ll see.


I think what this should say is, that due to cheaper shipping you will not get a Tracking Number.
Since this siginicantly decreases cost since it is only a pen and nothing really valuable.


Think so, too. Still, a hint round about when to exspect the delivery might be helpful…


The same with me. First the top of the holder went broke, remedy with superglue. Couple of weeks later exactly the same as in Oernifly’s picture, holder fully detached. The only use for the holder for me has been to keep the pen in place in sleeve.


Did you contact support already? It looks as if the plastic is not strong enough.


Support is still not responding…


Ohhh i got an answer: My replacement is on the way to me. Wuhuu


Quite a while now to have reported (and re-re-quested) my broken pen cap to be substituted. Support always promised to do so, but sadly no new cap ever arrived. - If I do understand some of you correctly, there are some who received a new cap meanwhile?
'Cause then I would give it ananother try and contact support again. But else, I’d rather drop this issue as it seems not worth the time and brains to take care of it…


You are probably right, there are many users who prefer a Microsoft or Wacom pen.


My pen clip broke off months ago, and support just said “use superglue or something to reattach it” - but by the time I got that reply, I’d lost the pieces that had come off. So…without the clip, it was still useable - until it disappeared. If the clip had still been there, would I have lost the pen? I don’t know. But it’s definitely a possibility.

I miss having the pen, but I’m too broke to pay rent and buy groceries, so there’s no way I can afford to buy a new one. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one (or more) soonish…


I got my replacement pen successfully.

Yes some people do. And my friends prefer the V Pen on their surface. I am confused of them :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer the MS Pen too, cause the pen tip has more grip on the flat display.


Thx Oernifly for reporting.
Now, I’m going to contact support again and see if I can bring some movement into this little issue…
Will tell, when/if I get a substitution.
CU folks, Ollie