Bad V pen - Holder detaches from pen --> Broken


Yep*… even it is with in the refund period. (14 day usually)

For example… you buy a iphon X and you drop it. The glass cracked and the frame dented… my friend still got his money back*.


Well obviously common sense dictate


what are those asterisks for?
where are you hiding the fine print?!?!

Do I even need to add /s to this?


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This may be interesting:


@inffy already corrected me on that, it’s not available yet.


Ah, thought cant was a typo and read can. My bad, sorry.:roll_eyes:

Verzonden vanaf mijn Windows 10-telefoon


My pen is also falling apart on the top. Just took it gently out of the sleeve and all of sudden this piece on the top fell off.


Increasing looks like poor batch. Send it to support!


I will contact the support tomorrow with link to this topic. :slight_smile: maybe there are more cases of broken “Pen holders”


I put my pen in the sleeve overnight too and found it today like this:

Could it really be that there is an issue with the plastic top?

I can easily move the holder clip out now…

I barely even used the pen in the week I have my V with today…


Or, maybe he is “Jedi” he break the pen accidentally by his force. :grinning:


My knowledge about plastic injection moulding is pretty rudimentary, but it looks like the plastic has become brittle due to variance or errors in the moulding process.

There are several reasons why this may have happened:

  • cycle time too short
  • improper injection screw for the material
  • injection speed too fast
  • wrong nozzle temperature
  • poor injection pressure
  • mould gate or runner too tight
  • condensation in the mould
  • material is degraded
  • material has too much moisture in it
  • material is too cold during injection
  • poor process control
    To name a few…

This pen design (to my knowledge) is a standard design from the pen manufacturer and there has been no modifications for the V use.

So unfortunately it looks like the pen end cap injection moulding company has made a boo-boo…

There seems to be a few of these failures around, but not that many. Hopefully these are isolated incidents and not a common thing.


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Support quick on this - acknowledged and asked for picture.
By return said will replace when next batch comes in

Dear Eve people, this is where we stand

And it arrives via DHL tomorrow - much quicker than I thought.

Great stuff Eve Support



I got no update yet. I believe the support didn’t read my email correctly. I linked this post 2 days ago and told them, that I am the creator of the post and I received an (semi)automatic answer to upload a photo or video.

Hopefully I get an successful answer like you at Monday (3 days passing) :slight_smile:


I have the same problem - clip broke off as I took the pen gently out of the sleeve.
So I contacted the support, but got no luck…
The answer was that the pen broke as a result of human action and because of that it cannot be replaced under warranty… :expressionless:


I read this thread a couple of weeks ago, and i thought i would never have this problem. I never pull out the pen of the sleeve by the clip. I remove my V, then put my hand inside the sleeve and just pull it out by the “pen’s body”.
Unfortunately, even by doing this it also broke on top.
That piece of plastic above the clip just shattered and clip just fell. The clip is as new, not even bent…
@Team i sent you an email.