Bad V pen - Holder detaches from pen --> Broken


Summary: The holder of the EVE Pen detaches from the pen. Maybe its mouldy or cheap/bad plastic at the top of the pen. Support does switch these pens - After a short explanation to the EVE Support & sending some evidences other users including me, will get an replacement pen!

Look by yourself, some other Users send also pictures into this topic and commented their story from the dead pen holder :wink:

I use my pen very very softly, everytime it took it at my V Case. It never felt off. And today I put out my pen this. Why? And… How?

I thought the pen is made of aluminum. At the top its very cheap plastic…


Hmmmm I am sorry. I have Friday my exams in analysis and still on rage by this “found” as I would like to learn a bit mathematics at the incredible V. Should I write the support?


You’re always allowed to contact support, but I doubt they can help you. There has to be some force to break this… It surely wasn’t broken by a ghost :ghost:


Which force? Would be interesting to know which force breaks this.


Hardly used the pen

I’ve had the same issue - and -doesn’t take any force. Supaglue remedy



Had the same idea, but that’s not a solution for a new product


It may be a defective unit. Just saying.


Use too much force unscrewing?


Yes. You’re right. But how to prove it? If I use something and it breaks, how could I prove that it was detective before using.


Well, that’s the problem


Here in Germany the user has to prove that it was detective before using to get a refund. I told him to ask support. Maybe they behave in an accommodating manner…


Not complete correct.

In Germany, the manufacturer has to prove, that the user break it in the first six months. After six months the user has to prove, that the manufacturer made a mistake.

BUUUT: That’s not the point, I don’t want to throw with laws at Eve. I just wanted to know, whether more people had the same issue and already found a solution.

Then I will contact the support and try to find a solution for both (or more with defective pens)

It’s late. My English is worser than a primary pupil
I will go to sleep and see tomorrow.


Logic conclusion after these posts:
Ghosts did it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who you gonna call?



:joy: Good answer in a ‘trouble situation’!

Was thinking of sending you my pen (did not use up to today.
Unhappily, if sent by our postal services, you’ll have roughly 45% chance to receive it at all and a 5 weeks waiting time is not uncommon.
DHL is fast, but will cost more than buying a new pen.
So sorry.


Where do you live :oo Pen costs 70€ from Eve…


Afaik AML lives in Gabun, Africa. Seriously.


Maybe i make holiday in Gabun :smiley:


Lol… in australia If something you buy brakes within the warranty period… just march right to the stall and getva exchage/refund… consumers laws orver here are very pro consumer.


even if you have broken it by violence?