[Backlog] Crazy features for possible future projects


Similar to the great thread by @pauliunas, this thread should act as a small backlog for the community and Eve to just draw from a pool of crazy ideas for future projects.

If you’ve got an cool idea for a (maybe not even feasible) crazy feature that doesn’t fit into the current project (Current Project: Pyramid Flipper), then just post it here. When the time comes, we as the community or Eve might come back to it :slight_smile:
Please note, that your idea might be summarized, but I’ll try to provide a link to it anyways so people can read your original great idea :slight_smile:

On that note - here comes the list (will be updated with more entries once they come in)

  • Extreme Battery Life (by @iKirin) : Most projects of Eve tried to get a damn nice battery life for their devices. The T1 sported 9-11 hours of battery life. This idea revolves around making the device bigger (read: thicker) as it might already be, and add a bunch of extra weight for another battery to get maybe even more battery life like 15 or even 20 hours out of a device.

  • [‘Performance Mode’] (http://eve.community/t/cpu-poll-core-m-vs-core-i5/807/86) (by @AntonyTerence): Basically, a device is normally designed not to get hotter than X degrees C (usually to also limit power consumption and make it not too hot). There could be a ‘performance mode’ where the temperature limit is set higher so we can squeeze out extra performance, while still making sure the other components are not damaged.

  • [Dual Camera] ([Backlog] Crazy features for possible future projects) (by @AntonyTerence): Dual-Camera to allow some neat things like switching focus or whatever can be implemented with it (Wide-Lens camera and normal-lens e.g.)

  • [Keyboard with second Screen] ([Backlog] Crazy features for possible future projects) (by @nawthor & @SombreSire): A E-Ink Display or similar on the keyboard - or just a touch-sensible display as second-keyboard (with E-Ink this would literally take nearly no power and be customizeable - but the feel for typing will probably be pretty bad)

  • [True x86 on a mobile device] ([Backlog] Crazy features for possible future projects) (by @AntonyTerence): First that comes to mind is a cellphone, but also a small tablet with true x86 (read: Full Windows 10 or Ubuntu or whatever) would be quite impressive.

  • [Keyboad with Battery, Speakers & Ports] ([Backlog] Crazy features for possible future projects) (by @AntonyTerence): Simply a keyboard (for mobile devices) that is connected to the device and acts as hub, has a nice battery (that could power the hubs), and decent speakers.

Idea for making a backlog-feature thread goes to @Konstantinos. I just wrote down some of the crazy ideas I found from other cool people on this community :slight_smile:


Dual camera for extra effects and it is thinner than a single camera module.


An E-ink display in the keyboard, as suggested by @SombreSire might be used in future projects.


Is it thinner? I think it wouldn’t add much in image quality while it would increase the cost and reduce the space for other components.


Just an idea, no more than that.
What about an eve phone, an x86 phone that can run desktop apps?


Extreme Battery Life - I like that! It shouldn’t be much heavier and bulkier though

‘Performance Mode’ - could be cool but may be difficult to implement software wise for such a small team like Eve has.


That should be IMO said in this topic :wink:


Why not a thick keyboard with a huge battery, amazing speakers and a few USB ports.
This better be implemented in the PF. If not, it’s in the backlog at least.


Another thing I’d like to see is a keyboard that’s just a second screen. With proper software to customize it, it could try and pave way for a new type of keyboards.
I know it’s not for everyone, but most people are accustomed to writing on touch screens, so I can see it possibly become a thing.


there was this concept, where bubbles could pop up from a touch screen, making it a true keyboard. Forgot where I saw it, though.


Much thicker is not usually necessary - 5mm would suffice to put in a huge amount of battery (that could not be changed most likely). Weight however is a bit different, since batteries are usually quite heavy iirc, so a device with such a huge battery would likely be a bit heavier than usually at that size.

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@iKirin There were recently more ideas:

  1. [quote=“smayonak, post:1, topic:1231, full:true”]
    I have heard rumors about a new touchscreen technology known as ClearOhm. According to rumor, it uses silver nanoparticles instead of Indium Tin Oxide or copper. The result is a slightly cleared, less discolored screen. According to the manufacturer, ClearOhm supposedly offers lower costs and better performance:


I don’t know how much of that is true, but it looks like a promising technology!
Source: http://eve.community/t/a-better-touchscreen-layer-clearohm/1231?u=artur

Source: http://eve.community/t/daylight-readable-long-battery-life-transflective-display/1215/15


Ah, that idea of mine was posted a long time ago :slight_smile: it’s way older than this thread. But I think this is just for feature ideas… I had opened a thread for whole projects some time ago, but maybe these should be joined together. The line between these threads is too blurry. And I have tons of exams now, so can’t really keep it up properly :frowning:


for extreme battery life you should look at the girl that created a superconductor which allows you to theoretically charge your phone for 20s and it lasts the whole day.


Never heard about that. Could you give me a link for it? :wink:


I love the idea, read an article about it back in the day, however main problem is manufacturability and what disadvantages this tech has that are not shown - price, thermal output, ressources that might get used, processes that can’t be automated (thus increasing the price).
Also reliability and not destroying the cells are important!

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It’s not a superconductor, it’s a supercapacitor. The idea is good, but it’s not in mass production yet. And it isn’t very practical either, because from what I know it can become quite hot when charging.

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