Backlight stays on when I put computer to sleep

I have the exact same issue using GeForce GTX 970. Monitor doesn’t power off the backlight.

It’s still on when I come back 8 hours later. Is there a time limit on that “eventually”? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m still on FW 102 but I see that people with 104 don’t see improvement, so I’ll wait and try 106.

By the way, is there a proper issue tracker for Eve firmware, where you can search for and submit new bugs?

I just wanted to post that I am having the same issues of the monitor not going into standby mode after my PC is shutdown or put to sleep with a 3080. Only started happening after updating 104, I have subsequently rolled back to 102R875 and the issue is persisting. Doesn’t seem to matter if I keep the USB hub on or off in the monitor settings.

The monitor is connected to my PC via HDMI 2.1 and USB-B. I have a Razer Ultimate Dock, Webcam, and Keyboard plugged in to the monitor.

Same problem and i also use a 3080. One of two specturms will stay backlit mostly the left one, primary one

To clarify: @CRABRAPTOR your Spectrum is not entering standby at all when you expect it to and @ROTFXCHS one of your Spectrums enters stand by but the backlight stays on. Is this correct?

@ROTFXCHS - if you swap inputs from the left one to the right does the problem remain on the left or follow the changed inputs?

Thanks for the reply Taalyn:That is correct, the monitor will not enter standby mode. It has stayed on all night and will flash no input detected occasionally.

This was also happening to me on 105. I took it off “Select automatically”, for “Select input source”, and have it manually set to DisplayPort. This seems to have solved it for me.

Edit: This was using a Mac with AMD graphics. When the computer slept, the monitor would black out, but the backlight would stay on.


Thanks for the info @russ! I will add this to possible workarounds for the “won’t go to sleep” and “backlight stays on” issues. And I will pass this along to the team FW and support teams so they can add this into the investigation into root cause.

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This fixed it for me too

@ROTFXCHS and @russ Can you both put the setting back on and test if the problem returns?

I have the same issue on a 3080 with HDMI, both when I shutdown my PC or when the PC instructs the monitors to go to sleep. The monitor keeps flashing “No signal” for quite some time (10+ minutes), but does go to sleep eventually. Probably after a timeout. This happens both when it’s the only monitor connected or in a dual monitor setup. And also both when input is set to “detect automatically” or to HDMI only.

My other monitor, not a Spectrum, goes to sleep right away. This is connected on DisplayPort. Ironically, when Spectrum is set to HDMI mode “compatibility” both monitors do not go into standby at all and the Spectrum does not display “No signal” at all.

Graphics card: nVidia 3080
Driver: 511.23 (latest)
Spectrum firmware: 105
Connected to: HDMI


Thanks for the feedback @Jingizu! I will pass that info along to the team. We are making progress today on cracking these problems!

I :heart: this community!

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Yes it’s i can reproduce it.

But if i turn it off and the Monitor is waking up from sleep, sometimes the “main” screen is black on one half and only if i powercycle its gone.