[B] USB-Keyboard keystrokes are "hanging" when connected via USB-Hub and TB3 Dock


This is not Eve V specific, it might be a problem with TB3 and USB protocols as I have the same problem with other TB3 computers. However, it should be noted down here and I really would like to have a follow up.

What does happen?
It feels like the keyboard “hangs”, missing keystrokes and typing too many characters of the last key pressed. I tried about one minute entering “eve.community” in the url: eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeunity, einty,eeeeeeeeeeeev.communit, … also the backspace was hanging for quite some time.

What should happen?
Well, keyboard should work without any keystrokes counting n-times or missing keystrokes.

How often does this occur?
Quite often, but not always. It could depend on the payload of TB3.

How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Use a TB3-dock or a TB3-eGPU
  • Connect an USB-Hub to it (doesn’t matter if USB2/3 or active/passive)
  • Connect an USB-Keyboard to the USB-Hub
  • Try different keystrokes, like writing blogposts, a book or forum troll bashing

Things I noticed

  • USB Hub is working, if plugged into V directly it works
  • Keyboard is working, once I plug it in directly to the TB3 dock (or eGPU or V) it works
  • USB Connection itself is working, the keyboard (or mouse) is recognized correctly and setup runs smoothly
  • TB3 devices (HP Omen Accelerator and Lenovo TB3 dock) both don’t work as expected and have the same issue
  • No Windows errors whatsoever
  • Exactly the same issue occurs with a HP ZBook Studio G3 connected to the TB3 devices.
  • I guess it is a protocol problem talking USB over TB3
  • I think I have lags with the mouse too, same with USB headphones when connected to an USB Hub sitting behind a TB3 device, but so far the keyboard issue is the most prominent one.


  • Plug the USB device directly into the TB3 USB ports and don’t use an USB hub behind any TB3 device.


Hi, I’ve experienced this - it happened when I have a chain of hubs:

V -> eGPU dock -> monitor hub -> 7 port USB hub -> Keyboard

It doesn’t happen if I plug the keyboard into the monitor or if I plug the 7port hub into the egpu Dock, so these are ok:

V -> eGPU dock -> 7 port USB hub -> Keyboard

V -> eGPU dock -> monitor -> Keyboard


Also noticed something like this with my Logitech mouse (with the Unifi receiver).

V -> USB-C dock -> USB-hub and then if i connect the Logitech receiver to the USB hub or even USB-C dock the scrolling and moving is really choppy.

The keyboard works fine in the USB hub though


Did you have any issues with the unifying receiver itself, I only get “no unifying receiver” when I plug in mine.


Nope. It recognized it immediately and offered to install the Logitech Options app.

But yeah, seems i can’t put the receiver anywhere else than the V itself or else cursor movement will start lagging once a while.


Even these setups don’t work for me :frowning: The USB-Port (Hub?) in the eGPU or TB3 dock works fine, but USB Hubs behind these are causing trouble.


I know this is an “old” topic, but I just experienced something similar / exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaactly like that. Wow, and there it was.
V -> dock > monitor hub -> kb, mouse.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnybody got an idea how to resolve these issues.

  • both here are actual examples, not kidding


Don’t use an USB hub after the TB3 dock :wink:

I’ve encountered this now on several PCs with different TB3 docks with different USB hubs. So I guess the problem is quite widespread and has something to do with the standard.

However, I guess it would be good if Eve could check with their suppliers.


Same here. My dongle/hub… the hdmi doesn’t work at all when i plig it in to the usb C 3.1 port. However when i plug it into the thunderbolt 3 port, it works like a charm flawlessly. This issue sounds like a software thingy. So @support might need to investigate this issue.


@tld8102 do you have a TB3 or an USB-C dock? As USB-C is not by default supporting screens, a dongle will usually not work out of the box. There are USB-C docks with display ports, however I would not recommend those because they are submitting the display signals over the USB protocol. With TB3 there is a dedicated support for display signals and therefore more dongles work out of the box without any problems :slight_smile:


That is completely normal. The USB 3.1 port (upper USB-C port) does not support displays - it only supports data and charging. Only the Thunderbolt port (lower USB-C port) supports displays.

Note that the above comment is about the top port not supporting a display.

As to the original post that “USB-Keyboard keystrokes are “hanging” when connected via USB-Hub and TB3 Dock” - I have no idea about that. However, I do find that my Thunderbolt Dock does not work with my mouse and headset wireless receivers. I have no way of checking whether that’s a problem with the dock itself.


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Just to be clear, as I stated above, it’s the statement that “the hdmi doesn’t work at all when i plig it in to the usb C 3.1 port” that I said was completely normal, given the USB3.1 port does not support displays (only the Thunderbolt display supports displays).

As to your V keyboard working strangely in bluetooth mode, that is a separate issue that has not been raised in this thread before. You may wish to start a new thread for that or contact support.

  1. lol
  2. hahahahahaahahaha
  3. i experienced this on a different bluetooth keyboard i had previously, and its actually part of the reason why i never really use the V keboard on bluetooth, i’ve just been conditioned to expect all bluetooth keyboards to suck.
    On the other hand, i’m currently typing tis on my keybord connected over bluetooth, about two meters away/
    It kind of started with the keyboard detached, then on my lap, and now i’m just really rolling my chair futher and further away fo fun.
    i’m now sitting at the wall about 4m away from my V, and tbh i can’t really read what i’m typin anymre.when i’m done i’m just gonna hit ctrl-enter and see what i get.
    anyway my point is, i don’t think its an issue with the V itself, more likely a spotty bluetooth connection.

edit: 4m = about this far:


I updated drivers - still problem. I deleted keyboard from bluetooth devices and try to add one more time. It was difficult, keyboard was in pairing mode but I couldn’t connect it to V. After 20 minuets success! And it works normal.


ok. so i went this far and tried typing. the B connection is pretty solid. (although i’m now 10 cm away from the V and it dopped the T i “BT” so (and the n in “in”) so *shrug*)

you can ignore these, i was just holding down "a" and pressing enter so i could see the text scrolling.













the quick brown fox

the quick bown fox

the quick brown fox

[B] Keyboard does not register all key presses when connected to bluetooth

my keyboard is about 25cm from V :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Just bought a BenQ PD2710QC Monitor (included USB-C Laptopdock)

  • also Keyboardlags
  • Charching only to 99%