[B] Touchscreen accidentally zooms when scrolling


What does happen?
While scrolling through webpages in EDGE by swiping my finger up and down over right side of the screen the touchscreen will often recognize this as a zoom gesture…

So it is a very unpleasent experience scrolling with touchscreen.

What should happen?
It should just scroll smoothly

How often does this occur?
Like every 5th to 10th attempt to scroll.

How can we reproduce this issue?
Open a webpage in EDGE and try to scroll with one finger on different positions on the screen. in my screen it happens at the right side (i also noticed that the screen is a bit more blue in a circle area about 4cm² big… Maybe there is a problem with coating? When i angle the screen, then colors seem ot be correct again. Maybe this is also issuing the zoom command?


Are you sure this is not a windows thing, and not a V fault?


Does it happen in other browsers as well?


Yeah it sounds like a windows isuue but eve can have a software amendments