[B] This is the template


Please edit the title of the topics to be in the following format

[B/F/X] Name of your topic

The first letter stands for the type of Improvement you want to see:

  • B - Bugs that should be squashed
  • F - Features that would be nice to have
  • X - eXperience that can be improved with Tweaks

For example, your topic could have the following name:

[B] Bluescreen whenever I press the ‘A’-Button

In the description please follow the following template for bugs:

What does happen? Describe what happens right now
What should happen? What do you expect to happen instead of what’s happening
How often does this occur? Every 5 minutes or ever full moon after you’ve scratched your itch with a dried up stick of pine?
How can we reproduce this issue? Please list the steps to reproduce the issue. Use a list format like this:

  • First Step
  • Second Step
  • ???
  • Profit!

[F] Boot from MicroSD Slot
[X] USB-C/TB3 slots with USB-C power cable make noises