[B] Strange Change tablet/Desktop mode and automatic screen orientation


What does happen? Sometimes (i use my V since a week and got the problem now 5 times) - my V totally flips out in changing between Tablet mode and desktop mode. (I made the settings, that the V asks, wether i want to change the operation mode) The automatic screen orientation lock also flips out. I believe, the keyboard make this trouble to start and the V can’t handle it.

I don’t know how to stop it. I disconnect the keyboard, connect it, disconnect it… and if i “shake” and move the V - maybe it stops immediatly, sometimes after a few minutes.

I made a video of it. Follow this link to watch my beautiful V flipping out to a little bit of my favourite hardstyle in the background (this was not planned!) (its hard to disconnect the keyboard with one hand filming this event)

Link to the video
(this time i wasn’t able to fix it - it stopped after switching the angle of the V-Stand several times)

What should happen? This should not occur!
How often does this occur? randomly (5 times in 25h working time)
How can we reproduce this issue? you can’t. it’s randomly - maybe the keyboard has an issue. Maybe its a gyro sensor?! It would be helpful to know, how and when the V recognizes to change the operation mode.

latest driver are installed.


Nobody a solution?

I get this problem now a few times a day. I can’t work with these issues. _/


I think the keyboard is connecting and disconnecting. Does it also happen when the keyboard isn’t connected?

I suggest having a look at the pogo pins and the connection on the V. Is everything clean, straight and looks ok?


I believe your unit is defective. I know this is not recommended, but try dropping the device in short distance (5-10 cm) with the back first (NOT glass on the bottom). It strangely fixed some of my issues. Obviously try ToiletSheep’s recommendation first, as its the less harsh one.

Also this is offtopic but I never understood why we have Sciebo when every uni can get 1 TB OneDrive anyway.


This sounds like a good idea, and I’ll add to shake it some and slap it with your hand a little (while turned on… this sounds much more inappropriate now). There aren’t any moving components other than the gyroscope and accelerometor (to my knowledge), so this may jostle things back into place.


It was the same for me in the beginning. I tried to align the keyboard carefully before and pressed it a bit firmer to the V to make sure everything sits tight and correct. I don’t have the problem anymore now though. So, either I changed my connecting behaviour unintentionally or the V and keyboard needed a few (re)connections to get to know each other. Maybe they needed to talk first… :wink:
Another thing I noticed is that the keyboard is attached in a better way, if you additionally connect the magnet to the bezel. So, that the keyboard is oblique and connected by the pogo pins and the magnetic line above the F-keys. Kind of folded like with the SP4, etc.


connectin/dicsonnecting the keyboard doesn’t fix this anomaly. It keeps flashing/changing the operation mode.

This is correct. I have to make big movements with the device to trigger this issue or stop it. Since yesterday i believe, the accelerometer sensors and/or gyrosensors doens’t work correctly

I don’t get 1TB OneDrive. :smiley: Sciebe is free for me as student (30GB). OneDrive offer me only 5GB for free. This is not enough. EDIT: Oh i did not read correctly. Yes… OneDrive would be much better and much more space for our documents. I believe they don’t like them so much… ^^

I have to try this. Yesterday i did 3 restarts, 10 times of carefully and a bit stronger connections of the keyboard and it did not stopped! It started when I didn’t even touch the V.

Its annoying. In 2 weeks are exams - i need the device. :slight_smile:


I was asking if it happens when the keyboard is not connected at all. Not connecting and disconnecting, leave the keyboard unattached. Does it still happen?



Hried it also in my Video


Hi @Oernifly,

did you find a solution for it? I got my V yesterday, and experienced the same, but didn’t have a lot of time to investigate any further to it yet.


I do have the same problem. Not sure if it is a user bug or a bad device.

First, it looked like to be a keyboard has low power problem, but now it is nearly impossible for me to use it, when the keyboard is attached. Yesterday it worked for half a day but now not anymore.

But even if the keyboard is detached when rotation lock starts flickering I need to shut down windows before it works again.

I fear that the pogo pins are not correctly aligned with my device.


I am sorry
Sometimes this happens to me and I start tatching and detaching the keyboard, turn the v around, lift it off, put it back to the table and sometimes it stops freaking out. I believe the pogo pins are a problem. Maybe dust or Smth…