[B] Sound Clipping at medium volume


What does happen?
When Speakers are at Volume greater ~25% then sounds are starting to get distorted. I recorded and attached Vs speaker vs my computers speaker, so you have an idea how the sound should be like…

What should happen?
Sound should be clear also at high volumes.

**How often does this occur?**Always

How can we reproduce this issue?
Put Volume of V to higher than 25% and click on the Volume Slider to issue the sound that I recorded… It shouldnt sound so distorded…


EDIT: Maybe this has to do with the gain set in the amplifier? I read that Vs amplifier was so strong that it fried some headphones… So maybe its just amplifying way too much and such generates the distortion in sounds that on the soundfile have already maxium gain… Cant imagine Vs speakers are so bad…


Interesting point.

I want to use my EVE for sound recording and sound design. So there should be a way of controlling the internal amps - at least so that they’re not driven over by default. That’d be ridiculous.

And by the way, my ZTE Axon 7 Smartphone has two tiny speakers on top (which are Dolby Atmos certified for reason) and can play as loud, clear and spacey (stereo width) that I could even impress the Dolby guys at their booth last Tonmeistertagung (Sound Engineer Convention) in Cologne, Germany.

Only want to say by that is, there’s no reason why EVE V couldn’t have good sound. Internally as well as throughout its tiny speakers.

Anyway, I’ll wait for mine and see what’s happened at the driver’s front…

Best, Ollie


As I’ve noticed there are some sound pros amongst us maybe it’s worth installing a “Sound Pros on EVE” corner to discuss sound specific issues and solutions.
I just don’t want to do it before I got mine and have set up some Software at least… So, January maybe?