[B] Sleep battery power drain


Good point. Just checked and, no, it wasn’t reset, I’m still not using modern standby :grimacing:


Is there any progress from V here? So many people reporting this problem and nothing happens (what a surprise).
It happens to me almost everytime. Today it was “Device -Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft)” as exit reason from Standby. Yesterday it was something from Realtek…

Moreover there is no led or something which I can you to detect whether device is active… fuck. Every day battery is drained…


I have no drain with disabled touchscreen. Disable it and try. That narrows it down.


I find that setting the close lid action to enter hibernate does the trick for me

Without this the V seems to drain battery and pretty much always be dead when I come back to it

With this enabled I’ve had no problems at all and will have plenty of battery left every time I come back to it, even after a few days. The only slight annoyance is that if I close the lid, it take 10 or so seconds to get back out of hibernation (by long pressing the power key for 3 seconds)


Don’t you have this?


I’ve still had problems with that activated. I’ve always had to select Hibernate from the Start Menu. Twice in the last month though I’ve had the V wake up in my bag even after that…which is new.


Yeah, that seems to be the only way to prevent the drain, which was caused by randomly waking or some shit. Unfortunately, I think the support is also dying down, so I sincerely hope that this device can last me as long as possible so I never have to go through the much dreaded process of waiting and waiting and waiting (for repair and shitz)


I don’t have any problem with normal sleep state. It has happend only once that my V was drained because it was unable to sleep with normal sleep. Problem is with Modern Standby configured in BIOS which is currently off on my V and therefore my V is just overpaid laptop.