[B] Sleep battery power drain


I just got the driver as well :slight_smile:

Hoping at least the will fix that issue.

Support claimed that a new BIOS is in development, that is hopefully going to take care of the battery issue. I am hoping that will keep the screen for going active when the lid is up.

I find that the problem most often happens when there is pressure on the screen, like leaving it face down on the keyboard or carrying it in the sleeve, which is a tight fit, and thus also puts pressure on it.

I have asked what the estimate for a delivery of the BIOS is. I’m hoping it is soon, as the battery discharging is annoying.


Yeah still having issues with sleep too.

Switch on in the morning before going to work at 100%,put in bag, get to work in 1 HR, battery at 30%.i just shut it down for now.

Not instant on but then works fine for rest of the day.

For me it seems to only be a problem when closing the kb on the screen. If I leave the keyboard out as I do at work, battery is fine.


Well I have had the complete battery drain for the first time since receiving my V a few weeks ago.

I was in the middle of charging and using the device and when I had finished what I was doing, I closed the keyboard and lay it flat whilst the charging cycle completed. When I remembered that the charging would have been complete about an hour later, I disconnected the charger and left it untouched until yesterday evening whereby it wouldn’t boot off battery. I had to connect the charger to get the V to start up again. Checked the battery and it was charging at 1%, the battery had been completely drained with the keyboard closed. Something obviously triggered the active status whilst the keyboard was shut as can be seen in the report at 17:50

here is the battery report


The BIOS is in the works & we’re internally validating it + have now given it out to a small circle of people outside Eve - if there are no issues with it then we’ll surely make it available to everyone :slight_smile:


Do you have any estimate on this? … in general termes, I mean. Are we talking days or a week at least?


No ETA - we’ve had it in internal testing for ~1 week now & just expanded the circle yesterday.


Hey there,

Did you push out a BIOS update at some point from Friday to today?

I had switched off Modern Standby in the BIOS, but over the weekend, it had switched on again. Or could that be some Windows update that messed with that?

Even turning it off, have not resolved the waking from Standby issue for me. neither has the Ghosting issue be entirely fixed with the new Touch Display driver.


@fongster Out of interest, have disabled all the input devices to be able to wake the computer from sleep?

Also have you ever paired the keyboard to the Eve V via bluetooth?


I had been getting some success with enabling hibernation mode when the lid is closed, but recently I’ve been putting my v in the magnetic sleeve at 100%, only to find the battery drained and the sleeve warm when I take it out again. Admittedly I didn’t use the V on this occasion, which makes me suspect that it turned itself on and then stayed on in my bag, draining the battery. Will do a battery report shortly


dunno how helpful this is… will look up how to get the other battery report which gives more info.


Are there community members who suspect outside magnets (magnetic sleeves for example) waking up the V?


7:30 am was when I left the house this morning, ie after I shoved the V into the magnetic sleeve. so either it’s the magnets or its some minor movement in the keyboard when the V slides into the sleeve…

EDIT: Actually it looks like it never went into hibernation mode. this is probably because I had the V with lid closed on the charging cable, then unplugged it and straight into the sleeve it went. because there was no action to close to lid (since the lid was already closed) I guess it never went into hibernation…!!


I’ve found that it takes a while to actually enter hibernation mode and pressing any key before it has ‘shut down’ wakes the V up again.

More recently, I’ve disabled the bluetooth keyboard of the Eve V ability to wake the PC from sleep which seems to have stopped this (touch wood?).


I don’t believe I have ever turned on the bt for the keyboard. Never tried it out of the box and I’ve never seen it in bt settings


Interesting, I take it that you’ve also disabled the touchpad/mouse and keyboard from waking up the Eve V as well?


Keyboard yes, touchpad no… Will try now


ok that’s the mouse turned off… hopefully that will help…!

Battery at 100% now, unplugged the charger, closed the lid so it should go to hibernate. Time for bed, let’s see what happens tomorrow…

EDIT: work up this morning and still 100% :slight_smile: good that no drain whilst in hibernation. Now let’s see what happens when I put it into a sleeve and travel to work…


This setting can also be found within the Windows registry, so its entirely possible Windows updates can turn it back on.

Out of curiosity, are you using the Home or the Pro version of Windows?


I have the problem even with the sleeve nowhere in sight. So for my laptop it is not related to the magnets of the sleeve.

For me it seems more like the fact that maby the keyboard pushes down on the screen in closed position, and that sometimes wakes it up.

I have walked with my laptop resten on a flat hand, and I could hear it wake up. No magnets anywhere near it.


I have Windows Pro on the laptop.