[B] Sleep battery power drain


Systems with CS will only have that one power plan. You need to disable CS to reveal the rest.

Alternatively, you can disable CS, make a new custom power plan based on the other power plans, and re-enable CS afterwards.

EDIT: CS stands for Connected Standby (which is also called InstantGo, or Modern Standby, because Microsoft can never make up their mind when it comes to naming.)


and CS in this sentence means?


ah gotcha, well i have disabled that almost instantly. HAven’t really had time to check my battery life yet. V has been pretty much connected to AC 24/7 at the moment


Ah sorry. That explains it. I had disabled connected standby.


Been trying out LP S0 (aka connected standby) back on these past couple of days and battery life has been good! I did this because I was getting a little frustrated with the slower boot up time/ wake up from sleep time when it was turned off.

So far losing a few percent at most to connected standby seems to be a price worth paying for quick launch


How much of a delay are you experiencing?


Mine died in my sleeve. I think they need to work out some of the battery drain and sleep state issues.


Did you turn off the LP S0?


I didn’t time it, but from sleep maybe 2 or 3 secs rather than 1ish with LPS0 enabled. I know it doesn’t sound long, but it was long enough to question whether the button had registered if you get my meaning.


Not yet. I want to wait for an official update fix. That probably seems strange.

While the battery drain take more than 70% from my V I use it on campus so there’s always a port.

I may do it if I get significantly bothered. I think I’ll resort to full shutdowns while moving it around.


What kind of campus are you on? Mine has plenty of ports, but I’ve got to sit in the floor in a hallway if I want to use one :joy:

That’s why I really want something to last me all day, I hate how my Surface almost makes it through my day, but halfway through my last lecture it dies and I’m missing those important notes.


Saint Louis University.

I also work at the IT desk here and i literally sit next to 8 outlets.

I’m with you tho. I don’t want to have to sit next to an outlet because my device drained to 0% while not being used. Team will fix it with emdoor eventually. Just a matter of when.


I ran powercfg /sleepdiagnostics today after a nights sleep, and unchecking “allow this device to wake the computer from sleep” on everything so “powercfg /devicequery wake_armed” returns “NONE”. Still my V kept going back and forth between modern standby and active all night long, never sleeping for much more then five minutes at a time, draining the battery from full to aproximately 33%. The exit condition from standby was “input mouse” and “This session contains no detailed information about top offenders.”. As mentioned “powercfg /devicequery wake_armed” returns “NONE”. Any tips on what is happening here?

I don’t want to disable modern standby as that feels like slapping a band aid on a broken leg.


I disabled CS using the BIOS method (not registry), and I got 0.4 - 0.5% drain per hour, that roughly translates to 0.2 - 0.25 W per hour, where it should really be much lower than that. Per MS document mentioned above, this is not acceptable even for a CS-enabled device.

My finding here shows that there is an issue deeper than CS itself (not saying there is no issue with CS)


Is the drain similar when disabled via registry?


I’ve had this wakeup issue with my desktop computer. It used to independently start at odd hours. I tried finding a reason for this behaviour, but it didn’t seem to be that common issue last year or so. There is nothing to wake it up.

I reinstalled Windows, but that didn’t stop the behaviour. It seemed to start after a Windows Update maybe something like a year ago, but which one it was, no idea.

Currently I have my desktop computer switched off from the mains with a separate switch. But I thought that I’d give it another try and the PC started by itself again on Sunday evening. Why? No idea.

This behaviour seems to affect just some PCs. I am curious about the causes for it. But from my experience it seems that Windows is the main culprit and something in the PC setup or hardware/software the lesser one.


In my case it seems like there is a discrepancy between what powercfg reports and what config windows is actually using. As mentioned I have disabled waking for everything, but my mouse still wakes up the computer from sleep by moving it around.


I put my V into my bag at 100% yesterday evening and carry it to some event Russell Peters’ Deported World Tour Live in Malaysia and when I arrived home at 12am, to my surprised, there has been a close-to-30% drain on my battery. Upon checking the powercfg battery history, it says at 18:23 (around the time I left the house), it was on ACTIVE, all the way until I came home at around 00:11.

Putting it on a test before I go to bed, I ensure I closed the lid nicely, and woke up after 8 hours of sleep with only 3% drain.

Is the keyboard lid THAT sensitive, or there’s something I have been missing?


I’ve noticed a few records where the V goes to sleep and wakes up again <20 seconds later. It seems like:

  • magnet (that triggers sleep)
  • the trackpad
  • the keyboard itself

one of those seems to be waking the V almost immediately after you put it to sleep by closing the lid.

but that’s just my guess because i personally haven’t encountered the drain-in-bag problem, so i havent been able to test if that’s the case.


I’ve had a browse but can’t find anything concrete or a response from eve so

How do I shut my V and the battery not drain?

I have a 2011 macbook that I can shut the lid on, with Photoshop open etc and come back three days or a week later and there is barely any power drain, my android tablet the same.

With the eve it’ll drain over the course of a day :frowning: considering how long it takes to charge to full and that it’s supposed to be a portable with great battery this is just depressing, I’ve done something with LS0 in bios but still it drains

Anyone got a good guide for what should be imho an out of box feature? Or am I expecting too much?