[B] Shift + Fn + ArrowKey doesn't work


Hi guys,

I’m trying to select a line by “Shift + End” or “Shift + Home”.
On the V keyboard that ought to be “Shift + Fn + Right or Left” but it doesn’t work.
Any ideas?

And pardon me if there already is such a topic.



It could be a ghosting/ key rollover issue. If that’s the case, a firmware update would be needed to resolve this.


Have you checked whether it works with the right-shift?

There is a bug that the left shift key does not work in the same way as the right shift. See here:


Similarly ctrl + alt + arrow key to change the screen orientation doesn’t work

Perhaps it’s something about three key presses together aren’t recognised?


You’re right!
Left Shift doesn’t work but “Fn + Right Shift + ArrowKeys” work.
Thanks for replying.

Btw I’m really enjoying my time with the V. I wish everyone the same. :star_struck::+1: