[B] Screen Distortion/Flickering when browsing Facebook using intel 15.60 drivers


When browsing facebook, (scrolling, video autoplaying in timeline), the entire screen begins to flicker and in some cases, the computer locks up and a hard reboot is required. This has only been an issue with the 15.60 variants of the intel drivers downloaded directly from their website. I have since reverted to the default drivers. The screen flickering happens almost every time on FB with the new drivers and system crashes about half the time.


  • download 15.60 drivers from intel,
  • restart after installation (only seems to happen after a restart post instillation).
  • go on facebook using Microsoft Edge (other browsers not tested)
  • scroll through facebook, making sure videos are autoplaying


Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me/my HW?


I’d stick with default drivers and let them update automatically. If you can try it with other browsers and report back that would be great, could be an edge specific problem.

I would test this but I don’t have my V yet, sorry there.


I haven’t seen this. Although haven’t really touched the drivers.


out of curiosity, what driver version are you using? as described in the device manager? is it the 22.xx or 23.xx?


Mine is


hmmmm, interesting… was there a video playing in the newsfeed? and using edge? ive only been able to replicate it when the videos were playing.


Can’t try it now, and I tend to use Firefox/Chrome as Edge doesn’t support addons that i need :slight_smile:


Fair enough - if you ever get a chance, mind reporting here? trying to figure out if I might need to send this back or not…


For reference: https://youtu.be/x8EIHJm2yis
Note that the flickering stops when FB isn’t being displayed.
@Team, I’m not sure how a support ticket is filed, but out of curiosity, what are my options on this assuming this is a defective one?


I have the same issue, not the whole screen, only with the Firefox browser (with any long website like Facebook or a long thread on Eve) after hibernation.

Haven’t tested Microsoft software or Adobe software since I might be RMA my device.