[B] Palm rejection / hover distance


You get only 1024 pressure points but that is more than enough for note taking. I can’t find the document right now, but in the development phase, we discussed this particular matter and studies documented, your hand can only differentiate between 20 to 30 distinct pressure points. More pressure points will only smoothen the line. For this, 1024 is more than enough, especially as note taking software will bring them down to about 250 pressure points and todays graphics software will interpolate everything in between.


Please contact support about this :slight_smile: You might have a malfunctioning pen! The hover distance should be way higher than that!

If possible, go try another N-Trig pen, like a surface pen for example, at a store, and see if there is any difference.

For any issues, the best way to reach us is always through support :wink:


Hey Mike! I was using the SP 4 Pen when I encountered this bug. It’s the same with both pens I’m afraid :frowning:

I’m already getting my device replaced due to the faulty anti reflective coating and a connection problem with the keyboard, so I’m hoping that will also sort out the pen problems


Currently, it’s bad enough that I can’t use the V for any notetaking. I also have a Surface Pro 4, and the newest Surface pen. I downloaded the driver, but didn’t notice any difference after I installed it.

I need OneNote to function well, as I use it for many, many different purposes. Notetaking, for example, won’t just be “notes”, but will include links, screencaps, embedded videos, etc. The advantages of using a pen w/ all of this would take too long to describe, but when functioning correctly it amazing. I also run businesses using OneNote as one of the primary ways of keeping records, notes, excel charts, etc. So, a lot going on. I am a trader, and also own real estate, so having apps not function isn’t an acceptable option.

The Surface Pro I bought after the V was delayed, and couldn’t wait any longer as I needed laptop replaced. I settled on a Surface Pro that only has 256 gb / 4 gb mem / w/ an i5 chip. I maxed out the V, so was anxious to get a top of the line device w/ great performance.

The Surface and the V both received Windows updates yesterday, and the Surface is better than ever regarding pen function. Also, the Eve pen works beautifully on the Surface. I almost like it better than the Surface pen, since it is lighter.

Also, to compare, I have a Samsung Note 8 phone, as well as a Samsung Tab S-3 tablet, and the writing experience w/ the Samsung’s S-pen is phenomenal. I actually prefer it to real pen and paper. I was hoping the V would be as good.

I’ve already listed the problems I’m having w/ the V re. writing w/ pen. Not sure what the problem is. There is latency, entire pen strokes are sometimes missed, it is very fickle w/ palm rejection: windows resize at random, virtual keyboard pops up, etc. The palm rejection on the Surface is fantastic. Also, when using pen on V the tip needs to be kept very, very close to the screen. ~ 1mm or less it seems, or the pen disconnects/reconnects. I’m not an artist, and other than very badly drawn charts (stock/crypto, etc) and bad handwriting, I can’t comment about the pressure levels or anything to do w/ drawing/photo/engineering/architect type programs/apps.

So…I’m trying to figure this out!!! I love the company, and loved watching the progress (and process) of the Eve team. I am 100% self-employed, and watching the little guy(s) and women of course, compete w/ great ideas against the big guys is the best. I love it, and so I wholeheartedly support the project. I want to LOVE my V! But, I need to be able to use it.

ps - I ordered an Adonit Pro Ink pen, which should arrive w/in next couple of days. I’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, any and all suggestions are welcome.


I’ve seen some of your problems in the community already. Everytime it was posted a teammember stated that you should contact support as these situations aren’t normal. Have you done the same already?
Ps There have already been quite a few posted writing test which conclude that the surface is better but the V is excellent for note taking.


There’s an update in the software improvement thread regarding the palm rejection/ hover distance (no.5) under [BUGS] category.

You guys can give it a try to see if it works and then vote on it.



This update works a lot better for me. Great!


Hi, did you try the new driver? I found it made the note taking experience much better, about on par with the surface, albeit when the charger is in the V still struggles?!


I’ve tried it, but is there a newer update available? The experience isn’t as good, it seems, as what you’ve gotten. I still use the Surface Pro for notes. I bought an Adonit Ink Pro (highly recommend). There have been Surface updates, and also I am on Windows Insider/fast track so I get latest tweaks/beta testing, etc. The pen works beautifully on that device - which is i5 and only 4 gb of ram.

I’ll wait a bit longer, and then likely I’ll have a very nice, top end/completely maxed V for sale…if anyone is interested message me.

Not knocking the V or Eve, but for my specific purposes I really need a top performing notetaking device. I don’t really see the point of having a “tablet” if I’m not going to do tablet things w/ it. I’d rather have a 13" laptop.

Trying to take notes while watching vid, studying charts, etc, is just too distracting w/ this. Things move quickly and I cant’t have something basic as a pen not functioning as it should slowing me down.

edit: I’m not using Windows Insider/fast track on the V, just on my Surface.


What is your experience while charging? There is an issue thread here I want to raise awareness about.
See: [B] palm rejection and pen issues while charging


Problem persists while charging