[B] Palm rejection / hover distance


I’ve figured out what is happening-> the pen doesn’t activate until it is extremely close to screen. >1mm I’d say. Also, and I think this was noted somewhere, the inking doesn’t activate for about 1 second or so. If you place the tip on the screen, then wait for a second, then don’t lift the pen off the screen at all -> it seems to work great. Unfortunately that is an unrealistic way to ever write. Every time you lift the tip off screen further than 1mm you need to reset and wait. Impossible to work that way. My Surface Pro 4 w/ only 4 gig memory functions much better (my V is 16gb ram/1tb drive)

The palm rejection issue is different. The sizing of the work area/zoom just flips all over the place. Again, just impossible to get any work done.

I’m sure it’s a firmware/driver issue, I just hope it is addressed. Otherwise a Samsung is looking very likely in the near future. I can’t wait too long for this to be addressed. The Surface Pro was interim solution until my V arrived, and I just have to much to do to wait longer. This would be a relatively easy fix, I’d imagine. As I said, I REALLY want to love this machine! Please EVE address this!! I imagine every artist, designer or anyone taking extensive notes is dealing with this. The stylus and its creative possibilities is a main feature that attracts many people.


Which input program are you using? I do not have such problems - using V and 2017 MS Surface Pen (V pen is a cheap piece of crap). + I installed WinTab 64bit driver from Microsoft page.


I just bought newest Surface pen about 2 months ago. Is there a driver or other software solution that you know of? thnx!

edit: um, missed the WinTab 64bit…I’ll try that.

edit 2: do you have a link to that driver? Did you use the Surface Pro 4 driver?


Go to MS download page and select last file - Wintab_x64_1.0.0.20.zip - download and install.



They are (Microsoft) still selling different pens - best one is the newest one - 2017 Surface Pro Pen.


Will this help with the V pen at all? I’m in a similar situation where I find note taking erratic


I have both, I’ll let you know. Installing now. My Surface Pen is Surface Pen 2017 / 4096 levels of pressure


It helped my Surface Pen. It is way more smooth and no erratic behaviour.


OK. But with V it is using only 1024 levels.


It senses it at the correct distance that it should, but that’s too close IMO. I would rather have it reject the palm better, but that isn’t something within my ability.

What IS within my ability though is to make a program to disable the touch screen ENTIRELY easily without having to go through device manager to disable it. Then I can use the pen in OneNote (or whatever) and then when I’m done, use the pen to launch the program again to re-enable the touch screen device itself.

I’ll let you guys know if I get something “clean” working or not.


That would be great, if I understand correctly. I just wrote a long, unhappy post about this experience. Decided to delete and see what can be done. I’m guessing you’ve had similar experience: open OneNote–>page randomly and rapidly resizes, zooms in and out; then–>virutal keyboard pops up for no reason, completely unwanted; then—>pen skips, won’t write. Or rather, writes at “correct” distance of 0.1mm. Move further and it resets for 1 second.

Annndddd…very, very frustrating


If I understand correctly, is the newest Surface Pen, with the Wintab driver better than the V pen?
I bought the V mainly for note taking, and then it will be better if I buy the surface pen?


In my case - yes, but if possible - try before you buy. I had one with my MS Surface Book - so I tested it before. Another pen I could recommend is Adonit Ink Pro:



This would make sense as an explanation to me, I lift the pen up to select different sliders in Adobe lightroom, it doesn’t register me moving left and right for about a second which is by that time out of sync with the slider :frowning:

Something I’ve not seen happening on a surface from MS


In Xodo I have almost no problems if I place my palm inn the screen before bringing the pen in hover distance. The other way round it’s giving me errors almost instantly.

That being said, even with palm first I had one time so far where the driver for hung up so badly only a reboot h helped.


Well what i basically did to mitigate the palm rejection problem is by wearing a glove. That is for the mean time hopefully until Eve tech support comes up with a solution.


Sad to report that I haven’t had much success or any improvement of pen function w/ the WinTab driver. Really glitchy and cludgy. Similar to what someone else mentioned, the main reason I bought this was for its notetaking abilities. It is beyond frustrating dealing w/ the various quirks, glitches, etc. This isn’t something that I can “work around” or “learn to deal with”. The annoyance of it completely interferes w/ work flow…and creative flow for that matter.


Still working on getting the pen working the way I’d like. Could someone from Eve weigh in on this topic? What is the difference between the V and Surface Pro? I have a Surface Pro 4, and w/ the recent Windows update the pen works better than ever. Is there a driver difference, or something that would help w/ pen issue. Mainly, it seems that the tip of the stylus has to remain extremely close to the screen. Is there a way to either change that, or get the stock drivers of the Surface pen to work?

Getting near the end of my rope here with this. I took 3+ hours of notes from a lecture today w/ the Surface Pro. Kills me that I’m not using the V!! But there is no way I’d have been able to keep up using the V.

Anyone else dealing with this? Ideas? Solutions? Other than wearing gloves or something similar. That’s not what I paid for. Main issue is w/ OneNote, so other programs/apps may not be similarly affected.


Im planning to also take notes with my V… how bad is the latency of the surface pen 2017 4096 with the V… do you get the 4096 pressure with the drivers @Lukas_Fikr linked?


You will not get 4,096 pressure sensitivity levels. Only 1,024 - this is hardware limitation on V side.