[B] palm rejection and pen issues while charging

i found more details about this issue.

The pen works 100% while charging. The palm rejection doesn’t work longer, when i charge my V.

Looks like a Windows Software issue and not totally an eve bug. Whats your idea?

I tried disabling the touch in device manager thinking it would fix the whole issue of palm rejection flaw while drawing, but the problem still persist!

Somehow the pen cursors flies off and skips around the screen even with the TOUCH OFF!

Dang, I’m an artist and I rely heavily on using it to draw! I just can’t stand working with this kind of problem for over few months. Hope the support would come up with some perma-fix to this.

No one said its the pen issue?

If anyone can confirm that you can write with palm rejection working, then i guess it is still an Eve issue.

I’ve been using the pen with my SP3 charged for years and palm rejection has always been perfect. EVE V when charging it is impossible to use

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@team any comments to this issue, is anyone working on it?


Nearly two months later and still no reaction / reponse from @Team
Meanwhile, still not able to use my V for notetaking at university (the main reason I bought it for…)


Just go into settings an turn on “ignore turch imputs when using the pen”. That’s what i do. Works fine in onenote. Like if u need to tap a button, loft the pen away from the screen.


i start hating my V…

tld8102 - your right. Palm recognition works okay (okay is not good, surface models are much better in it. Apple devices are the best in it)

And since a few hours, i don’t need to touch the screen to write with my pen. Its “touching” the screen without touching it…

I will start opening 8 tickets on V. One for each of my problems with the device. Great…

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So I do not had any experence with any other devices than the V with pen writing I do not know it better. During the last time i tried several devices using the pen. Even the cheapest do have a much better palm rejection than the V has. So I badly hope for improvement in the near feature. At the moment it is nearly unuseable.

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its strange. I experienced every time the issue with the palm rejection while charging.

And now this works without problems. I don’t understand my V…

It has been speculated on here that this is because the V charger has no ground connection, meaning the V might build up static charge which can interfere with the touch screen. If you can, try a compatible USB-C charger with a ground pin on the plug.

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@Wickedly has one, am I right ?
Could somebody test that ?

I know this is an old post, but just wanted to confirm that the palm rejection issues are solved if you use a USB-C charger with a ground connection - certainly in my experience.

So, if you wish to use the pen while charging, you’ll need to buy a USB-C charger with a ground connection. Otherwise it’s pretty much unusable.


Thanks, very nice to hear!

I know this post is old. But I wanted to clarify the issue. This problem with non working palm rejection/non working digital pens while charging your device has to do with the voltage ripple that is created by most standard power bricks that are included with our devices. It affects a wide range of devices like 2in1s and tablets. It has nothing to do with software. You can verify by using any ordinary (even cheap) powerbank. A powerbank is nothing else than a big battery and it spits out a perfectly constant voltage that doesnt affect the operation of your digitizer. So when working with digital pens using a powerbank to charge your device is one solution to the problem. Frankly this comes down to poor design and cost reduction on the manufacturer side. There is nothing else you can do about it. Replacing your device wont help either.