[B] Keyboard: Win + Shift + S not working


The following key combo doesn’t work:
[Win] + [Shift (left)] + [S] - nothing happens.

Normally, if you started Microsoft OneNote at least one time, it should put you into a “Create screenshot state” where can select a rectangle with the cursor and it opens a OneNote window allowing you to select where to store this screenshot.

This happens with connected pogo pins as well as in Bluetooth mode.

When using [Win] + [Shift (right)] + [S], it works as it should.

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Simultaneous Key Press Issues?

As it seems to be the same reason:
Home converts to [Fn] + [left arrow] -> working
Shift + Home should select everything from cursor position to the first character in the line:
Shift + Home converts to [Fn] + [Shift (left)] + [left arrow] -> not working
[Fn] + [Shift (right)] + [left arrow] -> working

Same with Fn + Shift + End: [Shift (left)] is not working when [Fn] is pressed

According to the screen keyboard (Microsoft Accessibility Tool) the same problem occurs with [Ctrl] and [Fn].

As stated in another thread, [Fn] was pressed first as the base functionality of [Fn] + [left/right arrow] is not working otherwise.


This honestly sounds like it could be a setting in OneNote or somewhere deep in Windows. Try looking through the OneNote preferences and let us know what you see relating to the key commands.


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Tried it with an USB keyboard and there it works just as intended. So it seems to be an issue with the keyboard.

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I checked in auto-hotkey.

When you hold down the left shift and win buttons, it does not recognise the S being pressed as well.

But when you hold down the right shift and win buttons, it does recognise the S being pressed as well. So it does looks like there’s a bug with the left-shift key in the V keyboard.


Perhaps this bug should be renamed to “Left Shift not working properly in combination with other keys”


Any update on this bug? Any update on keyboard related drivers? It really drives me crazy that I cannot select to Home/End of a line with the arrow keys and left shift.


I know right? Using the right shift is just so, SO weird.

Also, fn-shift-f5 only works with right shift. Add this with the fact that the F row defaults to media keys, makes it ridiculously unintuitive.